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A hairdresser's best friend is a bobby pin but every girl's best friend is a hair tie. Why? The little black elastic that hangs on your wrist does so much more than securing your ponytail and buns. From household management to fashion hack, you'll be surprised how much the elastic loop can do!

1. Cable Organizer

The colorful ones are really handy to categorize the cables!

2. Keyholder

When you have that one key and don't know where to keep it safe wear it around your wrist!

3. Tap Shoe Tie

If you have a pair of old tap shoe with missing ties you can grab a cute and classy hair elastic and fill in the gap.

4. Shoe Lace

Those of you with kids you know they could easily trip with the long shoe laces. You can replace them with hair elastic and it'll work just as great.

5. Hair Tie Bracelets

Grab your girl squad and try this fun project over summer!

6. Fix a Broken Hanger

If you don't have time to replace the hanger, this is a last minute trick to fix it!

7. Fix a Zipper That Won't Stay Up

This is a genius hack and every girl must learn it.

8. Elegant Bracelet

This is a popular fashion accessory. It's hair tie holder that acts as a bracelet.
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@MadAndrea You're right! I think that's the reason they came up with stretchy fabric ones. They hang on the wrist without the tightness. I think the come in different size.
2 years ago·Reply
@HairConfetti that's good. I always want to tell people that, but they probably assume there's nothing bad about it since everyone does it. A dangerous mentality to have indeed. I use scrunchies since they pull less on my hair so I have less fly aways from breakage. So I don't worry about it too much since I don't have stuff on my wrist lol
2 years ago·Reply
I love these tips! I especially like the bracelets and shoelace ideas!
2 years ago·Reply
A lot of hair ties are made of used comdoms if you do some research you can see it pretty nasty but we have to use them
2 years ago·Reply
I was watching a you tuber and she suggested buying the elastic by the roll and making your own. This way you can make the sizes you need. It's a less expensive solution if you use them often.
2 years ago·Reply