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Name: Kim Jisoo (김지수). Birth Year: 1995. role in the group: most likely the visual
She is the most active trainee and has been starring in many Commercial and well as doing cameos such as producers
Lee minho cf
she has also been featured in music videos such as spoiler by epik high and hisuhyuns I'm different
She is so pretty!! She looks like a mini Dara! ♡
@PolarStarr ikr!! she's so pretty!! I think she'll be one of my favorites in the group lol
The other members so far are really pretty too!! I feel like its gonna be so hard to pick a bias!! @vipgirl5 😂
lol maybe all of them will be my bias later on just like how I was with 2ne1. I couldn't choose and ended up choosing all @PolarStarr