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The last card I posted about this predicted further failures in Egypt's push for democracy In this article, the author argues that liberal democracy takes a really long time. She points out that turmoil and chaos are traditionally important to abolishing authoritarianism---that whats going on today in the Middle East is actually a feature of political development. Supposedly, the proof for this is Europe from 1789-1945. Which article do you all think is more representative of the current reality?
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@araor let me know what you think?
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well , i agree with with him in several things ,we need time to and patience to say that we finally live in democracy in egypt , because it is a new experience for us and there a lot of issues in the country that need to be solve also
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@araor its really great to get your perspective. could you put up some cards with your take on the arab spring? I want to see more of what you have to say!
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