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What do you guys think about grammar nazis on the Internet?

Whenever I see anyone get into an argument in comment sections - whether it's on a blog or YouTube or Facebook or even in text messages with friends - there's always that one that diverts from the conversation to correct whatever misspelling or grammatically correct sentence the other person used.

Are grammar and spelling errors enough to debunk another person's point? Is that a valid indicator of their lack of intelligence or an argumentative cop-out?

Lemme kno yo thots, homies.
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im an English major so i'm kinda becoming a grammar nazi myself but only irl lol. on the interwebs i spells how i wanna cuz it easier hehehe ;) but it seriously bothers me when i look at my classmate's essay (young people who have lived in the U.S. all their lives might i add....) and theres so many basic spelling errors, grammar mistakes, misused punctuation, and incomplete sentences that i end up wondering how they made it to college in the first place. it's so cringeworthy
@lovelikematoi It's the worst when they're adults! Sometimes I see my friends in their 30s and 40s making huge spelling and grammar mistakes too!
@danidee ikr! basic stuff that you should know in like 4th grade! and to make it worse my cousin told me that a lot of the kids at the public high school in this city are reading on a 5th grade level! so that partially explains the horrid English skills :( i've been doing research and I'm beginning to think smartphones is a big culprit as well
@lovelikematoi This is why you are an English major. You are here to save our language lol.