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What do you guys think about grammar nazis on the Internet?

Whenever I see anyone get into an argument in comment sections - whether it's on a blog or YouTube or Facebook or even in text messages with friends - there's always that one that diverts from the conversation to correct whatever misspelling or grammatically correct sentence the other person used.

Are grammar and spelling errors enough to debunk another person's point? Is that a valid indicator of their lack of intelligence or an argumentative cop-out?

Lemme kno yo thots, homies.
@danidee I've tried customizing my phone's dictionary to keep up with me, but it just ends up completely confused. Like it has the mental capacity of a cracked out tree frog.
@netchtiBates yu did dis in perposes 馃槀馃槀馃槀
I used to be a grammar nazi...until autocorrect. Then I was like, "F---! I'm one of them now!" I'm smarter than my smartphone...I have that going for me, at least.
I'm a grammar natzi but I usually refrain from commenting on people's statuses or posts bc I don't feel like fighting with people I will never see in real life over the internet
lol it's so funny how we complain over the lightest things on the internet... does it really matter if some persons make it their job on the internet to become Google, auto correct or the frigging English dictionary? provided that they don't do it in an aggressive manner. if it's according to the picture in illustration I see no harm. many people including myself if you are having a private chat with some cute guy or girl. we usually watch out for our text and sometimes correct ourselves immediately after we type the wrong word or we'll blame auto correct. either way that's life, we're virtually doing the same thing we complain about in another way
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