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This is a reason why Noone wants to believe true victims of sexual assault. How people can lie about things like this, is disgusting. Rape is nothing to joke about. I'm so glad they finally proved his innocence.
I had a coworker who lost his job because he was falsely accused poor guy is having a hard time finding a job. He also has two sons he is trying to raise. I hope his fans stay by him now.
I have a feeling that it's still going to follow him around for a while. It's people that bring false charges up against someone that causes people to not believe when it really happens. I feel bad for him. I had a teacher that had false charges brought up against him when I was in high school. It ruined his life and made things extremely difficult for his son (who was my age). It took 2 yrs but the girls (who were best friends) finally admit they lied because they were angry with the teacher for their bad grades. I don't think the teacher ever did teach again, and he was one of my best teachers also.
I have a friend who is a stage actor, one of his co-workers was wrongfully accused and because they are actors the press got involved and it ruined his career. The one article telling about how it was proven that he was innocent and she has done this before got less press. So when you Google him you only find the article saying what he was accused of not the one about how she's a crazy and manipulative. There is enough bad in the world without creating more by lying about something horrible. It's so sad people that have actually been hurt aren't believed because of these few loud liars that are looking for attention/money/etc.
Such a relief. My heart was just so broken about every possible aspect of this. Their theories about what actually happened are similar to mine. Hopefully he can bounce back from this relatively unscathed.
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