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You decided to get pastel hair after collecting your favorite hues and styles. When you finally colored your hair you're disappointed at how it looks on you. Here's one thing no one tells you. The reason why it looks good on other bloggers is make up.
If you've got a lighter shade than your original hair color it may make your complexion more faded and undefined. Earth tone and nudes makeup palette is your best bet. Yo want to balance your features with some color but you don't want to overdo it. Keep it soft and neutral! If you want a more dramatic look, try a smokey eye or play with soft gray and violet.
Another important thing, keep your brows defined. Below are some samples!
I know this is about hair color but I would like to piggy back on what you said about defined brows. You are so right, defined brows really accentuate the look. I recently had my makeup professionally done and I finally got the makeup tips I needed to create the brow and eye look that I wanted. I couldn't believe the change. So, I would try that when changing my hair color. I dyed mine auburn but it was only noticeable on the gray strands. lol
@cindystran do you know where I can purchase what you're talking about? I'm very interested 馃槃
ok, I'll wait for the results @cindystran
@netchtiBates I just did a patch test today with my own hair (also dark brown). It didn't turn my hair blue. My hair just got one shade lighter. Maybe because the package was opened. The developer and color was leftover from my friend's hair dye experiment. Also, I didn't wrap it in foil. That might be some of the reason why it didn't turn blue. Anyways, I might try it again wth a new package. I'll let you know. :D
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