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Who knows what day of the week the new Hero No Academia episodes come out??!! Only 11 are out so far but I checked on Wikipedia and there's 13 for the first season.. So someone who knows, please tell me what day of the week they are released!!!! 馃榿馃榿馃槏馃槏馃榿
skip it anime version for now and read the manga it is soo amazing and has 96 chapters and is ongoing
Don't worry, there's no way we won't get a second season. First, it's super popular right now. Second, we've barely started the story. This is legitimately like if One Piece was stopped after Nami joined the crew. Thirdly, the manga is really hot right now. Granted we might have a brief wait (since the manga is less than 100 chapters) but it's absurd for them to abandon it.
The second season would end before the summer camp arc that is out with the manga
gogoanime.com releases episodes around 3 or 4 am central time Sunday morning Saturday night
@KurosakiJess @AdamDean Same here lol it would be maddening to see them stop this show all together after all the hype it has gotten
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