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Who knows what day of the week the new Hero No Academia episodes come out??!! Only 11 are out so far but I checked on Wikipedia and there's 13 for the first season.. So someone who knows, please tell me what day of the week they are released!!!! 馃榿馃榿馃槏馃槏馃榿
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Yea, I'm at chapter 72 in the manga right now.. I just want to at least see the first season of the anime finish which should be 2 more episodes... I'm obsessed with it and so sad that I know after the next 2 episodes, I'll have to wait awhile. Just like with one piece which I wait for week to week and have been doing so for yearssss @AdamDean
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@KurosakiJess @AdamDean Same here lol it would be maddening to see them stop this show all together after all the hype it has gotten
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skip it anime version for now and read the manga it is soo amazing and has 96 chapters and is ongoing
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The second season would end before the summer camp arc that is out with the manga
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gogoanime.com releases episodes around 3 or 4 am central time Sunday morning Saturday night
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