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After you point her out, the two of you cross the street with the crowd; separating from them at the corner. You wait a few minutes and aren’t surprised to find the girl round the corner a minute later. She stares at Leo in fear, turns to face you, like you could save her. You try to speak to her in English but she just looks at you and shakes her head; nervously staring back at Leo. Leo holds out his hand, palm down; to show her he means no harm. He tries to speak to her in Korean and again just gets a head shake. You look at each other in confusion, if she doesn’t speak the language how are you going to find out why she’s following you?
“Let me try something.”
Leo turns back to her, “Watashi no namae wa Mike desu..”
before he can finish her face lights up and she points at him,
“Taekwoon” and then points at you, “[YN].”
Leo stands back up and looks over at you.
“Well, she’s Japanese and she knows our names. I’m not surprised she’d know mine but how would she know yours?”
You shrug, “Do any of the guys speak Japanese?”
“N speaks a little, he studied there for about a year and we always do comeback activities over there.”
He pushes his hand through his hair, “I need to finish what I was doing.”
You take his hand and give it a squeeze, smiling up at him.
“No worries, if she’s followed us this far, she’ll follow us more.” You glance back over at her; “Plus, she doesn’t look like she’s eaten lately and she doesn’t speak the language.”
He puts his hand up and strokes your face with a smile, “My tender heart.”
As the two of you turn to head to the studio, you turn back to her and wave for her to follow you. After a few steps you look back to make sure and find that she is. At the studio, she stands hesitantly in the doorway. You wave her over and start getting the food prepared. You feed Leo first and then break yours in half to share with her. She tries to deny at first but her stomach suddenly growls and you look at her knowingly and make her take the sandwich. You watch as she scarfs the food down and you wonder how long it’s been since she’s eaten.
You are horrible at telling ages, she could be twelve or she could be your age; hopefully N can help you find out answers when you take her home. Speaking of, while Leo goes back to the piano, you dial N to make sure he’ll be there when the three of you arrive.
“[YN] what’s up? Everything okay?”
“Hi N; yeah everything’s great. No information at the library for any of us but it was worth a try. Hey, are you going to be home later?”
“I have no schedule today. I’m reading, writing lyrics, just lazying around. Why?”
“Someone started following me today..” you aren’t able to get anymore out before he jumps in.
“What?!? Are you okay? Does Leo know? Is he there with you? Were you hurt?”
You can’t help but laugh and feel touched that he cares.
“Yeah, I’m okay and I’m at the studio with Leo. But so is she.”
“Yeah, we figured out she’s Japanese, doesn’t speak a word of English or Korean. We were hoping you could use what little you know and help us figure out what she wants?"
“Sure, but why was she following you? Oh, right you don’t know. Sorry.”
“N, she knows our names.”
N laughs, “Well most people know Leo’s name; he is a celebrity.”
“Yes, thank you, I am aware of that. But she called him Taekwoon, not Leo and she knew MY name. I’m not a celebrity and I haven’t been leaked to the press yet. Want to explain that one wise guy?”
He pauses before he answers you, “She knows your name?”
“Yeah, weird huh?”
There's another pause, “How long are you going to be at the studio?”
You look over at Leo who’s ignoring everyone and concentrating on his music.
“It could be forever from the concentration on Leo’s face. Why?”
“I’m not doing anything, why don’t I just come meet you guys there? It’ll speed things up.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yeah, no problem. See you in a little bit.”
And just like that he hangs up and you are left with a ringtone. You glance over to find the girl, back to the wall and sleeping. You stroll over to Leo and wait until he finishes a chord; then wrap your arms around him and kiss his neck.
“Can I hear it?”
He turns to you with a smile and a kiss for your lips.
“It’s still a little rough, but since it’s a joint song, sure. Just remember, the lyrics have nothing to do with us okay?”
You nod, “I get that. The melody is ours, that’s enough.”
When he’s finished playing and singing you sit in quiet awe of him and his talent. Tears are misting your eyes as you look over at him with a smile.
He looks over, sees your tears and worries. “Jagi? You don’t like it?”
You pull his face to yours and kiss him senseless. When you pull back you whisper,
“I loved it. My super talented mate.”
He returns your smile and looks up to see N enter the room.
You look over at N standing in the doorway looking around. You nod over to the wall at his left and watch his face morph into disbelief. The look on his face gives you chills and you stare in wonder as he reverently walks over and kneels in front of the girl. You can hear his breath catch, sounding like he is crying. It feels like an intrusion for you and Leo to be here but it would interrupt more if you were to move or leave. The two of you sit in silence and watch it unfold.
N slowly reaches out and tenderly strokes her face, a look of disbelief filling his eyes. Her eyes flutter open and within seconds the most brilliant smile you’ve ever seen lights up her face.
“Hakyeon!” she yells as she throws herself into his arms.
OMG I almost screamed, and it's like 3am where I am right now omg😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆 It's his mate isn't it 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆 I can't even type right omg 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
oh no, is he going to be protective like Leo was when they first met/bonded..?
hehe thanks😄
I hope it's his mate!!! I've missed the last 2 installments because of work. I can't hardly wait until the next one!!!
Aaaaawwww!!!!! That is so sweet!!!!! I think its his mate!!! Yay!!!!!
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