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I think no matter what shape you are, it's always awkward to step out in your new swimsuit for the first time every summer - especially if some body parts haven't seen the light of day in a good 10 months. Let's be supportive, okay?

Speaking of, who here likes going to the beach or swimming in pools during the summer? What's your favorite kind of swimsuit to wear?

I'm all for ordering retro swimsuits off of Etsy. I have this frilly green one-piece with daisies all over it that it's so synchronized swimming-level cheesy that I am in love.
the elves onced sided with man years ago. we are here to honor that alliance
@SarahSutcliff Bahaha you were just an extra glowing couple that night.
@danidee Yeah that's probably why lol. That sad thing is my date was still paler that me AND he had blond hair. My sister said I was evolving while his head was a glowing ball with face. Got quite a few laughs from those 馃槅
@arnelli Np np~
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