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My relationships have always started out with us being friends first, but I think we were pretty clear on when we were friends and when we were more than friends.

For me, friends with benefits would definitely be a no-go because I find I can only be intimate with someone I actually have strong feelings for.

Here are 8 examples from Whisper about FWB relationships:

Would you ever be comfortable in this kind of relationship?

I wouldn't be able to. When I like someone, it's because of who they are. I search for love not for pleasure
not at all im not a hit and quit dude
Hell no ! that's how diseases get started & spread.
As a continuation, I tend to become fond of someone even before going out with them. No way I could sleep with someone and still consider them just a friend. Hugs, stuff like that, I do that with friends all the time, anything more though, and you better be pretty close to me, otherwise I'm liable to shut you out.
absolutely not! I don't even like it when people try to hug me, that would never happen. ever. >.<
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