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B2ST drop 1st teaser image for their 3rd full album!
Guess who is coming back?! yup my boys B2ST! they are making their first comeback with their 3rd full length album July 4th. which also happens to their leader Doojoon oppas birthday. Their last full length album was three years ago with How to Love Hard to Love. I am so excited that I am fangirling so much my parents asked me if my Chinese boys were coming to town. I told them that they were korean and that they were making their comeback. This will be hard as former member Hyunseung will not be with them for the 3rd full length album. I just know that just like their other albums will be just as great either way.
Mark you calendar B2UTIES our boys are coming back! 3rd full length album July 4th and prerelease on the 27th of June.
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