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How Did You Get Into Taiwanese Drama?

I was so excited to find a couple of vinglers who watches Taiwanese Drama! I thought it'll be a great idea to hear how you guys got into T-dramas. Here's an brief intro of myself!

How I got into Taiwanese Drama?

I grew up watching Hong Kong series (TVB dramas) with my family. During high school I was introduced to Taiwanese drama, Meteor garden through a C-pop group called F4 with members (Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Vaness Wu, Ken Chu). From there I branched out to other Taiwanese dramas staring the same actresses and actors.

One of my favorite Taiwanese Drama:

In Time With You (我可能不會愛你)
Starring: Ariel Lin, Bolin Chan
This was a really refreshing and realistic story. It centers around a pair of high school besties. The guy obviously is interested in the girl but timing prevents them from expressing his true feeling. In addition, the girl is in denial due to fear of loosing the friendship.

My favorite actors/actresses...

Aaron Yan

Vivian Sung

Rainie Yang

Chris Wu

Oh and how can I forget the Bromance crew. ;)

Megan Lai, Borin Chan, Bii
@biancadanica98 @cindystran the korean and the anime are my absolute favorite, but they are the first two I watched
@cindystran the Japanese version is as enjoyable as the Taiwanese version in my opinion!
@petname83 I re-watched the Taiwanese version probably 2-3 times (including the second season). I think the first season is better though. Anyways I just saw the Japanese trailer and I'll start with that! So excited to revisit this story again. :D
@cindystran I actually liked that she was childish, it gave her character. She wasn't plain or serious but lively! Her acting is amazing in Just You! When the fish... I cried with her!
Yea! Same exact thing that happened to me!! :3 @BluBear07
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Introduction to Artist/Actor
Name: Bii Shujin Born: July 7th 1989 Seoul, South Korea Taiwanese/Korean Active since 2010 His music is amazing.. Seriously I've listened to every song he's sang and omg whether its in mandarin or korean, you can't help but fall in love with it And I mean come on he's gorgeous These are just some of my Favorite songs Back In Time I cried during this video and its my #1 favorite Epochal Times This is the theme song to the first drama he's staring in. its very addicting plus theres 3 other hot guys to look at Love More Just omg Come back to Me What I love about him he always puts korean in his music and I'm so obsessed with Kpop that korean just seems like a 3rd language to me lol Stay 1st video is in Mandarin the 2nd in Korean couldn't pick which I liked more so I put both HIs confused face looks so cute Just unf I love how long his eyelashes are My obsession is growing @ninjamidori @taehyungkey @luna1171 @creetheotaku @emilypeacock @staceyholley @kellyoconnor @aimeeh @ligaya @queenlee @annahizaragoza @jiyongixoxo @armystarlight @thepinkprincess @kpopandkimchi @unniecakesali @khouyang @alexisrivers @amandamuska @tashiannabostic @innocenttiashi @nikkitty @externallyelli @xxxtina @crystalguerra @bulletproofv @vkookie47 @sarsoosoo99 @helixx @babrajan1 @agirlwholovesV @Tleahedwards @sugamint @saraortiz2002 @lizzeh @parktaemi @silentpianist @terratoyashi @sosoaloraine23 @babyluhan @kpossible4250 @briannaN @isoldapazo @Vay754 @jasmineyap108 @lashonda0917 @sugakookies @JasminMartinez @isolate @adetoro @yeniyx23 @destinabyrd @naehudall @xxygxx @eliseb @ashleyemmert @stephaniepoore @maddie27 @edwey66 @MaricelvaRomero @mariahmaes @jaiipanda @cristinreynolds @deniseiagardner @jessicaacosta90 @chace @terratoyasi @tacos4life143 @dallasyamane @mahelysandoval @chelseagarcia @sofiafifi @aaliyahnewbell Let me know if you would like to be added or removed from future cards
Mike He actor de Taiwán!!! OMG me encanta!!!! Estoy tratando de ver todos sus dramas!!!
Nombre: 賀軍翔 / 贺军翔 / He Jun Xiang Nombre en Inglés: Mike He Xiang También conocido como: 賀小美 / He Xiao Mei Profesión: Actor, Cantante. Modelo y empresario. Fecha de Nacimiento: 23-Diciembre-1983 (29 Años) Lugar de Nacimiento: Taipei, Taiwán Signo Zodiacal: Capricornio Horoscopo Chino: Jabalí Estatura: 180 cm Peso: 68 kg Grupo Sanguíneo: B Familia: Padres, hermano y hermana pequeños Educación: Turismo Universidad Taiwanesa de Hsing Wu junto con sus mejores amigos Joe Cheng y Ruan Jing Tian. Hobbies: Baloncesto, boxeo, ver películas, escuchar y dormir. Comida favorita: Filete y leche con chocolate Actores favoritos: Ekin Cheng, Tom Cruise y Kaneshiro Takeshi (Hombres) Liv Tyler y Charlize Theron (Mujeres) Pélicula favorita: James Bond 007 series Música favorita: Country, jazz, rock y pop Cantantes/Grupos favoritos: Bon Jovi, Avril Lavinge Green Day y Aerosmith Deportes favoritos: Baloncesto, voleibol y boxeo Empezó su carrera como modelo, profesión en la que aún se mantiene, y participando en diferentes vídeos de reconocidos cantantes. Su debut oficial como actor masculino fue en el drama taiwanés Seventh Grade (2003), donde protagonizó a un integrante del séptimo grado de una preparatoria que trabaja por el éxito de su equipo de porristas sin importar las adversidades. Dramas: Upper class Common Girl ( GTV 2013) Onsen Beauty (FTV,2013) Happy Mother (2012) Happy Michelin Kitchen (Cameo) (2012) Love keeps going (2011) Sunny Happiness (An Hui TV, 2011) Calling for Love (CTS, 2010) Infernal Lover (SETV, 2010) Bull Fighting (TTV, 2008) Yukan Club (NTV, 2007) episodio 7 Why Why Love (CTS, 2007) Marry Me! (CTS, 2006) Express Boy (TVBS-G, 2005) Devil Beside You (CTV / TVBS-G, 2005) Love Contract (TVBS-G, 2004) An Shi Ai Mei Hui (AzioTV, 2004) Say Yes Enterprise (TTV, 2004) Historia 4: El Graduado Seventh Grade (TVBS, 2003) Películas: The Golden Couple (2012) Bad Girls (2012) You Deserve To Be Single (2010) The Futute X-Cops (2010) Love At Seventh Sight (2009) By: wikia
[Before K-Drama] Boys Over Flowers!
It's time for another "Before K-Drama" where we talk about what dramas were originally (webtoon, manga, book, etc) I'm pretty sure you all have heard of this little drama: Boys Over Flowers: It is based on Japanese manga Hana Yori Dango (花より男子) written by Yoko Kamio. There have been Japanese, Taiwanese, Indian, and, of course, a Korean remake! Most of them have had not only drama versions but also full length films! (It's called Meteor Garden in Taiwanese!) The Korean version, "Boys Over Flowers," is usually people's first K-drama and if you haven't seen it then you've definitely heard of it t least once! (Also, I don't know why Jan-di's legs are cut off in this photo hahaha) I actually watched Hana Yori Dango (the Japanese remake) completely by accident! My parents were trying to get me my first ever Korean DVD for Christmas and sort of failed ;P But it ended up being a good thing! They thought they got me Boys Over Flowers, but they got me the movie version of Hana Yori Dango! And it was sooo good! (Like, cheesy Japanese drama good, so...hahah) I haven't watched the drama yet though :D I haven't seen Meteor Garden (the Taiwanese version) either even though this was the first drama version of the manga! Which of these have you seen or read!? and if you havent seen any... Tagging my "Before K-Drama" folks! @merryjayne13 @Yongsongmi @Kamiamon @CreeTheOtaku @chongx @RaquelArredondo @KellyOConnor @Msrayray95 @drummergirl691 @netchtiBates @Lizzeh @PamelaPenaloza @Priscilla @biancadanica98 @petname83 @JamiMilsap @juniholtgrewe @sosoaloraine23 @sherrysahar @KiraHitomi @TLeahEdwards @shananunezl1234 @IMNII @SarahIvester