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I applaud the people who have done more than pray or post statuses for the victims of this tragedy, and for those who have yet to act.

Your time is now.

You are what you do. Follow these step-by-step instructions here:

1) Ban the AR-15 from Civilian Ownership:
2) Contact Your Elected Representatives About Gun Control
3) Did Your Senator Vote for Background Checks?
4) Tweet Your Congressperson
@kpopandkimchi there is also a great three part piece by john oliver specifically on Australian gun control @Animaniafreak Your politicians seem pretty groovy :)
@CallMeMsDragon wow im surprised at you i didnt expect you to act like this on vingle :/ regardless of your opinion this is just mean.
@JaxomB I'm from Australia, many years ago we didn't have gun control and port Macquarie massacre happened, that's was a shocking wake for all of us, then guns were banned (technically you could still get it but very difficult for a civilian). After that, gun-related death have dropped dramatically, we are living proof that gun control works, so i have to disagree with your argument.
I'd rather play the ass hole that stayed alive by putting a bullet through a mass shooter's forehead than the be the dead Bitch that coward in fear and left her son without a mother.
@JaxomB @Sophiamor I think what that video says, especially about suicides, is really important. A lot of the gun control talk centers around mass shootings and protecting ourselves from terror, but this was an interesting take on it.
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