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Can we take a minute and look at Jungkooks hair from the airport. Now was this styled that way? Looking more into the detail on how pointy the back looks. OR this is the case of some major bed head. Who knows, maybe this is what the members hair looks like when they wake up and therefore they go about their day wearing a hat, because their hair can't be tamed. (yes i threw in some Miley, yes i have a gif set up as well) Lets have a laugh shall we
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Hope & V did that to him!
@LemonLassie right! he knows about it obviously lol
I bet it was a dare! cause I don't see how that can be bed hair, how the heck did he sleep to have strands of hair form a perfect rose thorn like that 😐
He must be a wild sleeper lol
Haha cute Kookie cx Don't worry, no judging from us ^-^