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Apparently there's a secretive U.S. military surveillance program that launches drones from our base in Turkey, flying them over the border of Iraq, than transmitting high resolution images to the Turkish military. The Turkish armed forces than pursue rebels as they slip back and forth over the border. Because the administration is shifting the drone war from Afpak (Afghanistan/Pakistan) to other parts of the world, the pentagon now has an unprecedented surveillance network. I understand the practicality and use of drones, but what about blowback? For those of you who haven't heard the term before, blowback is when an action creates more problems than it solves. Are we alienating our allies and stirring up hatred for the US? ---Video shows a downed American drone
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@leecatlee thanks for linking that article, heres my take
@blackmage are you so sure that drones make things so easy?
@curtisb definitely agree with you...definitely a slippery slope. @blackmage curious on what you gotta say about this as well
@curtisb @leecatlee What US actions don't cause blowback? Everyone wants to complain about some way America has wrong them. These guys are labelled as a terrorist group by the US too. Is it wrong to keep an eye on them? What I'm worried about is this: