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EDIT 2018/02/16: I have been going through this story, adding and enhancing for the last few months, doing it when I can. After reading it after such a long time, I felt it needed some polishing. I tried not to change anything, like I said, I added some more detail to it and enhanced the wording. So hopefully, it'll read better, more smoothly. Enjoy

Firstly, it's a working title. So please let me know if there is a story by this name. Thx.

In truth. I just started writing (this story out of the blue, I should say). (I have missed writing stories), I have so many stories to write. Not just EXO fanfic but other stories that have been sitting on the shelves of my mind for the past four years. Now that I have quit my job to take some time off for myself, I'll have time to get to some of them.

This story has no real direction. It's a wave. So enjoy the ride.
She gazed at him from where she stood against the vanity, waiting for an answer but he just kept looking at himself in the mirror. His head moving from side to side, examining the style she gave him. From the beginning, he's been like this, always examining, never saying anything, at least not until after she's walked away. Yet, he sits waiting for her to fix his hair every time. Three stylists and three make-up artists and he waits for only her. At first she thought it was because she was new but now, it's like he's doing it on purpose to be mean.

She was afraid to ask, but she knew how he was now. She knew the minute she walked away he would say something, "Well... is there some thing wrong? Can it be better?"

He shrugs. Shrugging in that unsatisfied-but-I'll-take-it kinda way.

She stepped back behind him, looking at his reflection in the mirror one last time, running her finger tips up the hairline along his temple, pushing her fingers thru the longer part at the top. She felt a sudden urged to put her arms around his neck, to kiss his cheek in that area right next to his ear... She swallowed and tried stay in control.

He leaned his head back a bit as she did this. For a split second, he imagined her pulling his head all the way back and kissing him. She hadn't noticed how much his breathing had changed or how he moved back to try to lean on her, she was too concerned with his hair. He didn't want her to stop, he wanted her to stay and be near him. Not across the room with one of his hyungs, playing with their hair, smiling and laughing. He wanted to say something to make her stay. He usually criticized the style she gave him to make her come back and do it all over again. Sometimes she did and sometimes she just looked at him funny and said there was no time fix it again, that he would just have to live with it.

Smiling and laughing, he didn't know how to make her smile and laugh. He froze up every time. Once the make-up artist is finished, he would wait for her to come, trying to think of what to say to make her feel comfortable. But he botched it up every time, his tone was all wrong. What is supposed to sound like a joke, sounds too serious. After their first conversation, it seemed like they didn't say much to one another and that hurt him.

He reached up to brush his own fingers along the hair standing up hoping to catch her hand. By accident, he thought, he would grab her hand. His heart was beating hard as he tries to do it smoothly, naturally but unfortunately, he moved too quick. He swept his hand up too fast and practically pushed her hand away.

Realizing what he had done, he looked away from the mirror, his face heating up from embarrassment, "Are you done?" he asks.

He tries to pretend to be annoyed and folds his arms. When he glances back at the mirror, he sees her walk away, shrugging and shaking her head but she looked back at him from across the room. He liked that, even if it was a confusing look.

He put his hand up to cradle his face, thinking how embarrassing that was. He tried to make a move and screwed it up.

Then he felt someones hand pulled his arm down and whisper, "Your make-up, dongsaeng, be careful." His hyung who was sitting next to him the whole time, watching, eyed him and then twirled around to the hairstylist that just walked away. "So tell me little brother, why are you like that... towards that one?"

He sat up straight, shifting a bit, he shook his head trying to pretend he didn't know what his hyung was talking about, "I have no idea what you're talking about?"
Her eyes widen, her hand still in mid-air, she took a step back from him. She couldn't believe he just did that. In all the time she's been working with him, he's never been that harsh towards her. It kinda hurt her feelings.

So she tried to shake it off and move on to the next victim, who happen to be sitting quietly reading a book. She greets him and he greets her back.

"Ah noona, you're here, finally." he leans back, "make me beautiful, make the girls scream." He says laughing his infectious laugh.

She couldn't help but think that this man can wake up from partying all night, not shower, not brush his hair, and he would still be beautiful. He was just too gorgeous for words.

She shakes her head and smirks, "As you wish."

"So noona... what did you do for the weekend? Any fun?" He asks as she brushes through his hair, taking measure on what needs to be done.

She sighed disappointedly, "None. I stayed home and relaxed."

He grimaced at her, "Nothing? You live a very boring life noona. You need a boyfriend. Someone who will take you out, show you around....." He sat up straight, twirled around to face her, "Have you ever dated anyone younger?" His little face looking serious as hell until his luscious full lips started to curl in the corner.

She huffed and rolled her eyes at him, swung his chair back around, "Hold still or else I might burn something off that I can't afford to pay for. Besides, I do have friends but everyone was busy."

As she worked on his hair, she happen to glance over to where she had previously been at. He was just sitting there, talking to his hyung, his back turned, his head tilted back, his face to the ceiling, his eyes closed, his mouth slightly open. So gorgeous...


Was all she heard. She looked down and seen a red mark on his neck.

"Oh shit" she said in plain English. She grabbed him by the arm before anyone else could come see what had happened. She rushed him to the first aide kit that was down the hall in the break room. She pulled a chair out and made him sit.

"Don't touch it!" she said slapping his hand away.

"But it stings" he cried, he wanted rub it but felt another slap on the back of his hand.

"Put your head down." she said pushing his head forward. She opened the first aide kit, popped the burn spray cap off with one hand and slowly began squirting a little at a time. She blew on his neck, trying to get the spray to dry quickly. "I'm so sorry." She blew on it again, "I can't believe my mind wandered like that. oh my god...." She examined it a minute and started blowing on it again, hoping to keep it cool and hoping it doesn't turn into a blister. All the while, she couldn't help from admiring his skin. It was beautifully smooth, an amazing tone.

"It should go away by the time you go on stage. I've used this stuff before, it works very well." she said blowing on it again.

He was biting his lip every time she blew on his neck. It felt good but he kept telling himself that she was doing her job. He hoped she didn't hear those little moans, those little deep breaths of sighs. He swallowed hard, as he got goosebumps all over. So he tried to think of something else to talk about.

"You never answered my question. Have you... no, Would you ever date someone younger?" He asked.

He stood up suddenly, looking down at her. Her lips were still in a small O from blowing on his neck. He wanted to giggle because she looked funny and cute at the same time.

She gazed up into his face.

He was serious.

She wasn't sure how to answer his question. Yes she has, and she wasn't too sure about dating right now.

"Noona, would you date someone younger?"

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