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I would cry like a baby for a couple of hours then eat some cake. Then maybe kill someone
I cried for days when Rose died in Doctor who, and then again for a couple hours when I found out she didn't actually die So I'd assume the same reaction
I'd probably crawl in a hole and rock back and forth till I am satisfied and forget they ever died and never watch the anime again and then in about 10 or 20 years go back and finish the anime..........problem?
I myself would die at least on the inside anyways
IN MY MIND: kill the fucking author/whoever-the-person-who-made-the-anime-series WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENS: GOD DAMMIT ANOTHER ONE?!
what I usually do Is throw a tantrum for an hour or so tho, but with clannad since I was a tragedy virgin then, I cried myself to sleep every night listening to their soundtrack for a month.
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