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When↝GD↜Snow White got proposed by Prince ↝Panda!!↜
Panda is getting ready to propose!!
Knee down!!
GD's repose to......
I will take it as ↝I DO↜!!!!
Here is the video of it from Fan Cam
panda: "Gd will you marry me?" gd: "yes panda, now get under me already!" oh my lord..... these two i swear.
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I think I just died. Not because of the proposal, but because GD sure knows how to give a hell of an answer!😂😂😂😂
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I was with my friend and she saw it and was like "oh it looks like Seungri proposed , Gdragon accepted and was like "just give me a blow job already" and I was just 😮
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@CosmicCassidy ah I remember seeing this when I first started getting into BB and all I could think was "GD looks really good as Snow White" and it's kinda the same now but also... these two are so cute. I ship GRi
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OMG! I just died. Like, what even? The Nyongtory feels are just too much.
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