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Hey everyone!
Sorry this card is a day delayed, I got a little busy yesterday.
Let's not delay any longer and get started! :3
This will be my last card for facial masks (at least as this step)
This time around we are focusing on moisture masks. I'm sure there is a different name for them but that's what I like to call them because they add a lot of moisture to your face.
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Feel free to ask me questions about anything but my answers will mostly be experience/opinion based, I AM NOT A DERMATOLOGIST :P
My 언니 @MichalJamerson will also make comments and she is also a great resource :)
Also just an FYI, my skin type is very very sensitive that leans more toward the dry side.
Now let's get started! ヾ(。・ω・)シ
Moisture masks are exactly what the their name is, a mask providing moisture to your skin. I'm only going to talk about only two different types of masks I have used in this category. Depending on the type of mask you select depends on the way you use it.
Typically with these types of masks you put a generous amount on your face, let it dry and then continue with your skin care routine. You can actually use these masks as sleeping masks but I honestly just use them as a moisture pack before finishing my skin routine
The first mask I want to talk about is another product from Milky Piggy.
The Sea Salt Cream was another one of the very first products I tried when making the transition to Korean skin care. I tried this product for quite a while but I simply do not like it.
This product may work for those of you who don't have such sensitive skin. But because I do have really really sensitive skin this product stung my face. A lot.
I did notice that my skin seemed whiter/brighter and it looked healthy but my breakouts slowly got worse and the entire time I would have this product on it stung my face. I kept using it trying to figure out if it was stinging my face becuase of other products or because it was this product, turns out it was this one. I'm assuming it is because of the salt in the cream itself.
Many people like this product because it does work pretty well, but if you have sensitive skin I really don't recommend this product. I would suggest another type.
If you are interested in purchasing this product click here
The only other one I have used is the Aloe Vera Gel by Nature Republic.
This isn't technically a mask but it's how I use it. This product isn't exclusive for your face, you can use it all over you body. And because it is Aloe Vera it is great for sunburns. This particular mask is rich in vitamins and helps replenish the moisture in your skin.
I use this mask as a substitute for my sleeping mask every once in a while. My sleeping mask provides fantastic moisture to my skin, but sometimes it is a bit too heavy, that's where this product comes in. It provides fantastic moisture and relief of irritated skin while not feeling too heavy. This product is cheap and great to have around for a number of reasons.
I actually gave this product to my roommate to use because he got some crazy sunburn and he fell in love instantly. He said he could feel relief right away and it took about a quarter size of product to apply to his full face, neck and chest. He also applied it generously. Compared to purchasing aloe from the pharmacy, you could be spending around 7-10 for a water downed product, or you could buy this, have multiple purposes for it,, and spend about 8. This product will also last forever from what I can tell haha.
I really really like this product. I'm not sure why I waited so long to purchase it.
If you are interested in getting this product click here
Like I said a couple days ago, this is a short card. These masks don't take a whole lot of explaining but I wanted to at least touch base on them.
With face masks you aren't restricted to doing only one. You are able to mix and match. My suggestion to you though is to not do 2 mud masks or 2 moisturizing masks at once. Be mindful of your skin when using masks if you decide to do more than one.
Hopefully this was useful information!
Of course, these are my own opinions/experiences with these products. Feel free to ask questions but remember I'm not an expert
Next time: Serums
(Also can we take a second to admire Amber and her red hair.)
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Thank you so much for these cards, I'm wanting to try the Korean skin care routine but had no idea where to start or the steps of it.
@aiisson no problem! Just wanted to share the knowledge😄