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Alright so me and my friends have decided to start a role play-ish kind of thing for BTS. Here's how it's gonna work.
There's going to be someone to roleplay as each member. We're just going to talk randomly and have fun. Nothing too weird. Just nice, wholesome, stupid fun. 😂 There are a few ground rules however. •MUST HAVE KIK (obviously) •MINIMUM FOUL LANGUAGE (We actually don't mind cussing, but if it's an over excessive amount we'd rather not have it. Sorry 💕) •MUST BE ACTIVE (we don't want someone who will do this for like a day or so and stop. We want it to go on for a while. And we don't want someone who will like never reply or even get in the group chat.) •16+ IN AGE (very optional to go by tbh, we're a bit lenient when it come to things like this) Now on to the needed members.
Sexy af Mr. Kim Namjoon is taken. (By Me). I will try my hardest to come across as an accurate God of Destruction 😋🙏
Suga Daddy may or may not be needed. It's hard to explain, but we're pretty sure we need a Suga. SO IF YOU WANNA BE SASSY SUGA, LEMME KNOW (oh if you ship YoonMin dats a plus)
WE NEED A HOBI!! WE ARE IN DIRE NEED OF A JHOPE OKAY? (Preferably someone who ships JimHope, but you ain't gotta fam. All ships are welcome). WE NEED A MEME-Y HORSE SO PLS HELP (I know we asked for a YoonMin shipper and now we're asking for a JimHope shipper, but it's gonna be spicy. It'll be gr8, don't worry)
We need us a Kim Taehyung, aight? (Preferably someone who is all about the VKook, but again, it's not a big deal if you're not). Aye, but these pics are delicious, cAN WE JUST?!
We also need a Jeon Jungkook. (Preferably a VKook shipper, but blah blah you don't have to be).
We SEVERELY need a Momma Jin!!!!!! NamJin shippers are welcome tbh
Sexy lil Chim Chim is taken, y'all. I'm sorry if you wanted to be him, but he's taken by one of le friends (actually the one who started the group chat).
So basically everyone is available except for Rap Mon and Jimin. So PLEASE let me know if you want to be a part of this weird little fun chat. I hope I explained this well enough! If you have any questions, feel free to ask! 🤗💖💕
@Animezkpopgirl @PriyaBala @AlmaRangel I swear I'm not ignoring any of you guys, I'm just stalking your pages and taking you guys into consideration. It would be great if guys could kik me! My name is Perfectly_Undone
Can I please be your suga. Holy shit literally he is my inner sass goddess. Also I believe in the yoonmin household and I'm 18 :)
I also am a HUGE VKook shipper as well❤️
can I be heoseok? I'm 16
My user is Kpopsbitch
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