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Genre: Fantasy, romance
Summary: You had to get it no matter the cost.
Part: 5/?
A/N: I was going to post this chapter as well, but I wasn't feeling too well. I got a four day weekend so here are two chapters.
Wanna start from the beginning? part 1
Missed the last chapter? part 4
I stayed put. Afraid that everyone around was just another gray image. I didn’t want to walk up to any of them. Walking backwards I bumped into something. I felt arms wrap around me. Instinctively I pushed them away, who was this? There was no one behind me before. Turning around there stood Hongbin.
“What is with you?” he asked. I didn’t look at him. I kept my face towards the sky. This couldn't be real, how was everyone here. Shaking my head for the image to go away “Really Y/N?” He said and walked away. Mrs. Lee came over and placed her hands on my shoulders.
“May I ask what that was about my dear?” I brushed her hands off me and was walking away, “It was nothing.” I said looking back, “I just can't wrap my head around how you are here right now.”
We started walking with Hongbin was in front of me, I’m sure he knew where we were going. Mang and the other’s were behind me. The scenery was just gorgeous. The trees were covered with moss. Beautiful, beautiful moss. There was a river that split the hill we were on in half. The grass on both sides was about knee high. All of this made me remember when I was a little kid. My family and I went on a hiking trip. That was the first time that I ever broke a bone.
I started remembering what happened exactly. I had jumped off a rock and landed in fast moving water. I screamed out loud. It sounded like bloody Mary. My parents turned around and just looked at me like I was crazy. I was drowning in the water. I couldn’t move my leg. I tried kicking and kicking and couldn’t move it. I got pushed under the water and felt around. Down under I grabbed at my leg. It was wedged between rocks. I came up for air. Hot tears rolled down my face. The pain, the pain, was all I could think of. I tried to move my leg but couldn’t. I screamed out again. Finally my parents ran over to me to see what was wrong.
“Give me your hands, honey.” They said. I moved my hands out for them to grab. They pulled at me. That didn’t work. I screamed more and more from the pain. I had tears all over my face. The water kept splashing me. My mum kept hold of me, while my dad jumped in. He went down to my leg and pulled from my ankle. It felt weird. And he squeezed my leg really hard to get it out. He came up for air and went back under. He tapped at my leg over and over.
He came up for air and said, “I need a rock.” I looked at him with the widest eyes I could ever make. He was going to cut my leg off. I began screaming my head off and trying to swim to my mum. She found him a rock and he went back under. I kicked under the water. I didn’t want my dad to try and beat my leg out. I must have kicked hard enough, when my leg came free and my mom pulled me out.
My dad came out of the water with the rock. I hugged my mum for dear life. But my dad just threw the rock in the water and came to me. They both looked at my leg and found that it was discolored and disfigured.
Mum pulled out her phone and called the hotel that we were staying at and told them to call the ambulance. Dad picked me up and cradled me all the way to the hotel. Everything I heard was mumbled. I couldn’t stand that everyone around me was so freaked out. After a while the mumbling slowed, and the people around me became a blur.
I awoke to a bright room and tons of flowers around me. “Mum?” I remember saying. I turned my head side to side looking for her. There at the foot of the bed was a chair that had my sleeping mother in it. I just stared at her. Soon after staring at her I fell asleep again.
The second time I woke up it wasn’t so bright in the room. Next to my bed was a tray with food on it. I rolled over and grabbed for the piece of bread that was on the tray. The bread was a little too far, so I had to pull the tray closer to me in order to reach it. I kept pulling the tray closer and closer. Finally I grabbed for the bread. Only thing was, was when I took the bread off the tray the tray fell to the ground making a loud clatter noise.
“What was that?” My mum asked. Like kids do, I looked away like it didn’t happen.
“So I see that you’re up,” A guy in a white coat came in. “With all that noise it must be hard not to hear you?” He said with a smile.
“Hello Doctor Perry.” My mum said standing up and shaking his hand. He just nodded his head and walked over to me.
“Let’s take a look at your leg. Shall we?” He said. Now mind you I was only seven and I didn’t like other people helping me out with anything. So I sat up in bed and just shook my head no. But the doctor came closer. I couldn’t really move my leg. So I couldn’t pull it up into my chest. He came closer and closer. I started to freak out. Little screams arose deep inside my chest. I didn’t want to be here any more. I wanted to leave. My mum came over to me and held my hand.
“It’s okay honey. He is just going to look at your leg and see if it’s any better.” She squeezed my hand. “Then he will tell us when we get to leave.” I looked up at her, my eyes wide with despair. I wanted to leave and I wanted to believe my mom.
I stopped screaming and said, “Okay,” with a sniffle in between, “mommy.” The doctor came closer and lifted the bed sheet.
“Can you sit up a little more?” he asked. I nodded, and sat up. I was able to peek at my leg. I didn’t have a full cast on my leg yet. It was just wrapped tight in a leg sling. The doctor unwrapped it, and just looked at it. I leaned over and saw that my leg was all weird looking. He placed his hands on my shin and pressed.
“Does that hurt any?” He said. I shook my head no. He moved his hands down towards my ankle area. He pressed, and I wailed. “So that is where it hurts.” He said it like it wasn’t a question. But I answered him any way, by crying. He wrapped my leg up again and put the sheet over it.
He asked my mum to come outside with him real quick. I saw them talking. My mum was nodding back to the doctor. Then she started crying. I looked at her. Why was she crying? And where was my dad? He hasn’t been here. When they were done talking my mom walked back into the room.
“Is it okay?” I said. She just looked at me with tears in her eyes and smiled.
“Yes honey. Your leg is fine. Everything is going to be alright.” She said, “I promise.” And she crawled into the bed with me. That was the last thing I remembered. When we got home I had a cast. I couldn’t really walk by myself. My dad helped me to the door, and into bed. That was the first time I ever broke a bone.
Walking around this forest reminded me of that one day. I looked at my ankle that now held a scar from that incident. Cautious walking I turned to Mang, who was behind me, “Where are we going anyway?” I asked.
“We are going somewhere.” He said and walked right past me. I looked up high in the sky as I normally did to figure what time it might be. The sun of course wasn’t that high. So I would say it was maybe twelve or one. The river that was once at my side was now in front of me. Everyone had stopped and I bumped into someone. It was Hongbin. Figures!
“So how are we going to get across?” Mrs. Lee asked.
“We swim.” I say walking to the edge.
“No! Don’t do that!” Mang shouted.
“Why not?” I said, and jumped in, “See, nothing bad happened.” I pushed against the water, walking to the other side. I felt a big blow to my side. And I stumbled over, just a little. “Okay, come on. I’ll help you over.” I said and reached my hand out. Everyone just looked at me. Hyuk was the first one to step up and grab my hand. I helped him into the water and we walked together to the other side. Next was Mrs. Lee. I started walking with her holding onto me when I slipped on a rock. The water was only up to my waist. But now it covered my face. I got back up and walked her across.
“You okay?” Mrs. Lee asked me.
“Yeah, I’m fine.” I said and walked back. “Okay Hongbin. Your turn. Do you need help?”
“Psh.” He said, “I think you’re the one who needs help.” He jumped in and started walking over. We were both almost to the edge when he slipped and I tripped on him. Both of us were submerged in the water. The rocks underneath were so slippery that I couldn’t help myself back up. I felt a hand pull at me. I was slapping the surface. But I pushed myself up. Hongbin was standing up holding onto a tree branch that hung over the river.
“It’s okay!” he shouted over the roar of the water, “I got you!”
I knew that I should have listened to Mang. How was he going to get us out of the water?
“How are we getting out?!” I shouted back.
“Here I’m going to pull you closer and I want you to grab the branch!” he said.
He pulled me up and slid me behind him. I reached for the branch. It was just a little out of my reach. My fingers kept brushing it. I tried hard to push my feet off the rocks underneath the water, but the current was to strong. I couldn’t reach it.
“I can’t reach it!” I shouted to Hongbin. I looked at him. He was barely holding on to the branch himself. He looked back at me with fear in his eyes. “There’s no way of getting out of this is there?” I said.
He just shook his head, and mouthed the word no. His grip was slowly loosening. The only way that we could get out of this situation was go with the stream. I didn’t want to go anywhere. No one was around us. I’m guessing that we must have traveled really far down. I was scared.
“There’s nothing more I can do Y/N.” Hongbin said out of nowhere.
“Yes there is. Don’t let go.” I said, “Please don’t let go.” He turned his head toward the branch. I looked too. The branch couldn’t hold both our weights any more. And I knew that Hongbin wouldn’t let me go. But I wouldn’t let him go either. I was slowly slipping from his grasp too.
“Hongbin!” I screamed. I was sliding from him, “Hongbin! Help!” he looked behind him. My hands were clasped over his one hand. We were both slipping. With every slip I fell more into the water. A wave came and pulled me underneath. I still held onto him, but my hands slipped from me. I was drifting away. I tried and tried to push myself to the surface. Finally I broke free of the waters’ pull.
“Hongbin!” I screamed. I saw him let go of that one branch and swim to me. I tried swimming to him but the current was too strong. The water was too cold. I never thought of it being cold. My muscles were tense, and I was cold. A wave hit me and I went under again. Instead of reaching for the top, I reached for ground. I couldn’t feel it, but I tried and tried. I had to come up for air when another wave hit me. I tumbled under the water. Air! Air! I needed air! That was all that raced through my brain.
Again I broke the surface. Hongbin wasn't so far from me, there was more fear in his eyes that I wasn't closer. Now was my chance to swim to him. I pushed and pushed. Barely touching ground, but I made it enough that I was able to grab his hand. From there he pulled me in to him. I was so scared and cold that I was trembling. Hongbin held me close to him. Keeping us both afloat. I let him cradle me into him. He pushed and pushed to keep us upstream. I turned my face to look behind us. I couldn’t see any more because it just dropped down. Oh no!
“Umm Hongbin,” I said.
“I know Y/N.” He said.
We both started kicking our way back up to the shore. Waves hit us. I went under a couple of times but I was just pulled back up by him. Each time we pushed our way forward we moved backward. Every minute we got closer and closer to the edge. Finally I gave up. I knew that we could never make it to the edge. The others weren’t here to help us out. I looked at Hongbin and just with my eyes he understood that we were going to have to go over the fall.
He pulled me closer and I held onto him. The fall was going to be a really big one. And who knew that we would make it. We were just near it. A big wave hit us both and we fell over the waterfall. I ended up letting go of Hongbin and just holding his hand. Everything was moving in slow motion. We take one last look at each other, let go of our hands and splash into the water. It’s so deep. Once I realize I can move I start kicking to the surface.
I broke free of the waters hold on me. There next to me was Hongbin. We made it. I swam to him and gave him a big hug. I look up at the waterfall to see how long it was. The fall wasn’t as far as I thought it would have been. The water down here was a warm temperature. It was almost tropical. It felt so good that I started swimming around. Laughing as I went.
We both were splashing and trying to dunk each other. We finally made it to the shore. Walking around we gathered fire materials. I sat down near the shore and Hongbin sat next to me playing with sticks. Over the fire we built a place to put our wet clothes. A type of drying rack. We took our top clothes off and laid them over the rack to dry.
By the fire we talked about anything and everything. About why I left, and what they did while I wasn’t there. He asked what I had been up to while I was on this island. I was moving my hands around, forgetting that they were all cut up. Jake grabbed one of my hands and looked at it. I started to blush. But I was blushing for the wrong reason.
“What happened?” He asked still holding my hand.
“I uh…I fell.” I said pulling my hand back and not looking at him.
“You fell on what?” He kept going.
“I don’t remember!” I got up and walked off. I stood by the water. I didn’t want to tell him because I was totally embarrassed. I fell how many times now? In just two words, a lot.
Hongbin came over and said, “I’m sorry.” hugging me from behind. He was warm, even without his shirt he was warm. I was still cold “It’s okay.” I said turning into him, “I fall on many things." I said briefly pausing "It was when I had to go find this noise. And I don’t even know what the heck it was.” I said.
“I didn’t know that it was so many. I thought you just fell on one thing.” He said rubbing my back “What else happened?”
I told him everything that lead up to before I saw them all again. I stopped at the part of when I saw him in my dream thing.
“And what happened next?” He persisted.
“Well what happened was that this shape, it was gray. But then it turned into something.”
“What did it turn into?”
“It was you.”
“Me?” He said pointing at himself. “It turned into me?”
“Look If you don’t want me to tell you what happened just say so.” I said stepping back.
“Sorry, go on.”
“You came up to me and started talking to me. I was crying about something. And you said you’re here to help. I looked up and you,” I stopped and lowered my head. I didn’t know what to say next.
“I what?” He said. “What did I do?”
I looked up and said, “You kissed me.”
“I kissed you?” He said. “That’s it?”
“Yeah. And then I freaked out. I threw dirt at you.” I said laughing. “I got back up and ran away.” There was just silence. I pulled from his arms and turned around and faced the water. “I went to the woods and stopped. Looking back I saw you start to disappear. You turned into the gray form again. You held a piece of paper in your hands. The further I went into the forest the faster you disappeared.”
“Why didn’t you stop?”
“I was scared, Hongbin.” I said. “You had this look in your face that wasn’t you. You were a scary person.” That was the best way I could have described him. “Then you fully disappeared. The piece of paper you were holding floated over to me.”
“Do you still have that paper?” he finally asked.
“I think so.” I reached in my pockets, there was a piece of paper but it was wet and the writing was completely gone. I handed it to him. “Here. I think the writing is gone though.”
“Let me see.” He grabbed for the paper. “It’s only like a small piece of paper.”
“Yeah I know.”
“Can you remember what it said?” he asked handing me the paper back. I nodded my head.
I closed my eyes and recited what was on the paper,
“This is the flower that you search for.
Let your searching stop here,
for I have found it for you.
This is a picture of what a Milly looks like.
It is located off a cliff.
Somewhere near water.
It has an eagle that guards it.
One must answer a question before they can claim the flower.
Thus begins your journey to find the right cliff.
May you have help,
For you will need it.”
I opened my eyes “I think that was everything.”
“Well tomorrow morning we can look.” Hongbin said. “Right now we need to eat and get some sleep.” He pulled me over to the fire.
“What about the others?” I asked taking my now dry clothes off the rack we built.
“I’m sure they are fine.” He said. “They have Mang remember.” He was smiling at me.
I went and found both of us a stick to use for fishing. I brought back to really good ones. Hongbin went to the shore and found us both a rock to use to sharpen the stick into a spear. The sun was low in the sky now and we needed to hurry or we wouldn’t have any food for the night and the morning.
I showed him how to sharpen the stick properly, having experience in this field from before. When we were done we both waded in the water fish swimming around us. I looked at him and looked away when he looked at me. I had told him he kissed me in a dream! How could I just spill that? Both our spears went down. I picked mine up, nothing. Hongbin picked his up and he had three fish. Smiling he held his spear up to me.
We roasted our fish over the fire and ate them. They didn’t taste as good as not cooking them. But I didn’t want to tell him that. Hongbin and I lay next to each other looking up at the stars while the fire crackled behind us.
He pointed up into the sky and said, “That’s my favourite star.” I looked up at what he was pointing to. It was the red star on Orion.
“My favourite is that one.” I said pointing to the blue star in Orion. We both laughed. Who knew that we liked the same constellation but different star? It was pretty funny.
We lay there just looking at the stars. I was thinking about the journey we were going to make tomorrow. It was going to be a really big day. It was so quiet outside tonight. I was used to hearing crickets chirp, or other bugs.
I saw a flash fly across my face. I sat up and saw another one pass by. “Lightning Bugs!” I said out loud. There were bunches above the water. It was so pretty. Hongbin rolled on top of me staring me in the eyes.
“They are pretty aren’t they?” he said.
“Yeah they are.” I said trying to hide my wide eyes. “They seem to be my favourite bug.”
“Yeah they light up everything around you.” He said leaning closer. “Have you ever caught one?”
“No.” I rolled my head to the side but my eyes stayed on his.
He jumped up. “Now is your chance.” He pulled me up. “What should we catch them in?” he asked.
“Our hands maybe?” I said.
“Good idea.” He ran into the water clapping at the air.
“Your going to squish them!” I shouted after him. “Have you ever caught them yourself?”
“Nope!” he shouted back. I didn’t want to get back in the water and some of the bugs flew back over to land. Probably to get away form that monster out there, I thought and laughed. I jumped about trying my hardest to catch one.
I took one big jump and clapped my hands over a few. There was no need to look inside my hands to see if I had any. My hands were glowing from inside out. It was so cool.
“I got some!” I yelled at Hongbin.
“Me too!” he yelled back running out of the water. We sat down in the sand, looking at each other we laughed.
“Now we let them go.” Hongbin said. I didn’t want to let mine go. I wanted to keep them. I let him let his go first. He opened his hand and they flew out like when you blow into a dandelion. “Now it’s your turn.” He said.
“I don’t want to let them go.” I said with a puppy dog face on. “And nothing can make me let hem go.”
"Nothing?" I heard him mumble “What if I did this,” I looked at him and he leaned his face closer to mine. His lips were just inches from mine. He placed one hand on the side of my face. Shakly I whispered "No."
"Are you sure?" He said as he pressed his other hand on my hands to open them all while pressing his body down on mine. I shook my head no again, this time both of Hongbin's hands were on my face. He leaned in and his lips smashed into mine.
My hands slowly opened and the lightning bugs flew out. Hongbin's lips were still on mine and wanted to push him away but his lips were so soft. I couldn't help myself, I let myself fall into the kiss.
Just as I was moving my hands into Hongbin's hair he pulled back and looked at me, "What?" I couldn't help but ask.
"Your fireflies are gone." He said with a smirk.
I looked him dead in the eye, "You didn't think that kissing me would keep those bugs in my hands did you?"
"I was hoping it wouldn't." Hongbin pulled away from me and went to go sit by the fire. "You sleep first, I'll take first watch since we don't know what is out here."
I was dumbfounded, did he just really do that. I laid down and closed my eyes listening as Hongbin hummed a tune. It was going to be a long night.

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