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You receive a text from Jak around the third meeting you’ve been forced to sit through.
JAK: Hey, I can be home tonight if you want me to be.
YOU: Are you free? Can I call you right back?
JAK: Not yet, I get another break in about 30 minutes, how about then?
YOU: That might work. I’ll call you.
The last two meetings each took an hour, if this one follows suit you should be able to call her back during her break. If they try to pull you into another meeting you’ll have to beg off at least a potty break.
You bow to everyone as the meeting breaks up, gather your items and head to the employee balcony door as fast as you can. Your boss calls your name on your way out and you turn with a smile,
“Can I just have a 10 minute break? I’m a little overwhelmed.”
He nods and smiles, “We have run you ragged. I will reschedule the next meeting for tomorrow. An hour before the next, same conference room alright?”
You nod and quickly walk outside for a breath of fresh air. Thankfully no one is on the balcony and you take a minute to collect your breath and work the kinks out of sitting in a chair for the past 2 ½ hours. As you lift your phone to call Jak, a text buzzes in.
ML: Hi beautiful, been thinking about you.
A warm smile fills your face and your heart melts. God you love this man.
YOU: Hey baby. Do we have plans for tonight?
ML: Besides just being with you? Nope, do we need some?
YOU: Can we have dinner with Jak and maybe Jiyong if he isn’t busy?
ML: Sure. Any special reason?
You smile to yourself. You want to tell all of them together at the same time. The only reason you haven’t burst with the news yet is that you’ve been in constant meetings.
YOU: Yes but I’ll tell you at dinner.
ML: Wait, this is a good dinner right? I’d rather hear bad news just the two of us.
You bite your lip, he really does make your heart flutter.
YOU: Yes, good news. No worries. In fact, might possibly help you get what you want faster.
ML: What? I have you, what do I want? Now you’re going to make me think, I hate that.
You laugh and hurry to sign off before Jak’s break is over.
YOU: You’ll live. I love you, see you later.
ML: Love you too.
You quickly dial Jak hoping you haven’t missed her quick break. She picks up on the second ring.
“I was beginning to worry you’d miss me again, I have about two minutes left. What’s up?”
“Were you coming home tonight because Ji had other plans?”
“No, I told him we needed girl time. He gets it, why you don’t want me home now?”
“I always want you home! However, I was hoping the four of us could go out for dinner after your shoot. Will you be too tired?”
“I’ll be STARVING! Sounds great, let me shoot Ji a text and I’ll text you next time they’re dressing me. Anywhere special?”
“I don’t really know places. Would it be too much to ask Ji to make us reservations somewhere? Just so we get in and you don’t have to wait to eat.”
“I love you; that would be awesome. I’ll let you know what my man says. Gotta run, byes.”
You head back to your desk and start packing up your belongings. Someone has left a box for you with a note to dial this number when you have your desk packed up. You’ve only been here a couple of months; it isn’t like you have a lot of things.
Pictures of you and Jak; now that you and Gil are official, pictures of you and he together. It takes all of 10 minutes to gather up your equipment and personal items. You glance at the clock; you have 20 minutes before the next meeting. You pick up your phone and dial the extension left on the box.
You’re beginning to worry that they will keep you in meetings all night long. You sneak a glance at the clock as it nears 5 o’clock and inwardly sigh. Maybe this isn’t such a great thing after all? Thankfully the meeting is called to a close shortly after, and you glance up at your boss hopefully, “Was this the last one for today?”
He looks as tired as you feel; who knew meetings could be so exhausting? He smiles wearily,
“Yes. If I’m not home by 5:30 each night my wife makes me sleep on the couch. It’s the most darn uncomfortable piece of furniture we own! I think she bought it that way on purpose, to keep me in line.”
You smile; the big boss is human after all. “Well, it’s working isn’t it?”
He laughs as he stands up, “Darn right it is. I’ll see you in the morning, have a good evening.”
As you round the corner to grab your purse from your new desk, there’s a present sitting on it waiting for you.
what is this good news?! I must know!
you're welcome 😎
what is it!? what she get!
Loving the sweetness of the relationships here. Can't wait to find out what the news is!
@GriseldaZenger like ugh.
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