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Genre: Fantasy, romance
Summary: You had to get it no matter the cost.
Part: 8/?
A/N Here is a continuation cause I'm a sucker for not stopping! :)
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I woke up the next morning to birds chirping. My whole time on the island and I hadn’t heard a single bird chirp. This morning way different. There were birds all over. I sat up in the grass and looked around. The field was not just a field anymore. There were flowers everywhere. All different kinds. There were tulips, daisy, carnations, magnolias, roses, and lavender.
Bees were buzzing all around me. I lifted my hand in front of me. The sun was so bright. I stood up and the wind blew a nice breeze. Flower petals blew all around me. I danced in the field. Spinning around and around. It felt like a dream. Everything was white and I was in a nice white dress.
The sleeves fell off my shoulders and ruffled at the end. The dress felt like silk and just sat on my body. As I twirled it spun around and out. Little daisies floated up into the air and formed a type of crown on my head. I felt like a princess.
Over to the edge of the field stood my prince in shinning armor. I ran over to him and pulled him out into the field. There we danced. I spun around him, and we laughed. Everything around moved in a slow motion.
Smiling he twirled me around and around. He let go of my hand and I twirled away. I twirled until I fell down in the flower field. I sat there looking up at the sky and all the flowers floating in the breeze.
My prince came and sat down by me, when I looked at him I saw that it was Hongbin. We laughed and talked. Our mouths moved, but you couldn’t hear any words come out. We were in a silent move.
Like silent movies always are he leaned in and placed his hands on my face. I looked down at his hand and blushed. I looked back up at him and smirked. He leaned closer and I leaned to him.
His nose touched my nose. Just a tilt of my head and our lips touched. I pulled back, not sure. He pulled me closer and kissed me. I leaned more into him and kissed him back. I placed my hand in his hair and then everything went white.
I opened my eyes and this time it wasn’t a dream. I saw no flowers. There was a breeze and the sun was bright, but my clothes were the same. I looked around and found Hongbin and the others asleep near me. I walked over there; they were all cuddled into Mang. I guess for his warmth.
I walked out of the field and to the water. I sat down and washed my face. When I looked in the water my reflection was horrible. I looked like a total wreck. My hair was out everywhere. My clothes had rips in them. My shoes had holes in them. I looked like I lived off the streets. I had to wash myself and the clothes.
I went and made sure that everyone was asleep still. Back at the water I striped down to just my bra and underwear and got in the water. It was so cold I almost thought I shouldn’t. I decided that I should just jump in. I found a high place and dived in.
The water hit me full on. It felt so good to just get in. I swam over to the waterfall. I stared at it. To think that I fell down it. It was high up; there was no way of getting back up. I put my hand through the fall and the water separated from my hand. I placed my other hand in the water. And it did the same thing. I looked behind the curtain of water and saw a rock ledge. I swam around the water fall to the end. I swam behind the fall and saw the ledge.
I looked around. Looking up and down, left and right. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, but the ledge. When I found the ledge I hopped up onto it and about slipped right off. The ledge felt like a slippery substance. When I took a closer look I saw that it wasn’t rock at all. It was a crystallized rock. A nice shinny purple crystallized rock. And in that rock was something I never would have expected.
It was the head of the eagle that had saved me from the bear. I screamed. The mouth was open and it looked scared. I screamed louder and backed away from the rock. I couldn’t take my eyes off the eagle. He just looked so sad. And I felt so scared. I stumbled on a rock, from under the water, and went through the waterfall like a glass window. I fell down into the water.
I splashed back up and swam back to the shore. I didn’t care that I was soaked; I put my clothes back on. I sat at the edge of the water and just looked out at the waterfall. Just behind it was a head. How could that have happened? I didn’t want to find out, but I had to. I sat there thinking of what might have happened when I felt a hand on my shoulder.
I didn’t jump, like I would have. Instead I looked up behind me and saw who it was. To my surprise it was Mrs. Lee.
“I was expecting Hongbin.” I told her.
“Ah, well I told him to let me handle this one.” She said coming and sitting down by me, “He needed his rest anyway.”
“What about the others? Did they here me too?” I placed my head on her shoulder.
“No. It was just Hongbin and I that heard you scream.” She began rubbing my head, “Can you tell me why you screamed?”
I pointed to the waterfall, “Behind there is something I did not want to see.”
“What was it my dear?”
“It was the eagle that saved me from a bear that was chasing me. But it’s not his whole body.” I began to cry, “It’s just his head.”
Tears rolled down my face. Mrs. Lee cradled me and told me it was going to be okay. Even though I was crying over a bird, it felt like I was crying over a friend. All that I knew was that, for the days I was with him I felt safe.
I never called him by any name. I would just talk and he would understand. I was saved from a bear by him. Not only was he big but he was kind enough to help me out with anything. He showed me where the flower was. He let me get as close as I needed. When the nest started cracking into the crevasse he pulled me away and made sure that I didn’t go near it.
Then I left and when I came back he was gone. I didn’t bother looking for him. I left him. And now he’s dead. It was my fault that I left him. It’s my fault that he’s dead. It’s my fault that his head is behind a waterfall and is embedded in a crystallized rock.
“You okay now honey?” Mrs. Lee said.
“Yeah I think am now. Thanks.” I said smiling.
She got up and walked back to the field. The sky above was a bright blue. The water below was a clear blue. The trees in front of me were a nice green. This was going to be home for a while. I got back up and picked my shoes up.
Walking back I started thinking what I was going to tell everyone. I figured that I could just tell them what I saw. It’s not like we were going to go and find the person or thing that did it. I was wrong. When I got back I told them what had happened. They all got up and were like,
“Oh, well we need to go and find who did it.”
“No you guys. It’s fine.”
“Really Y/N?” Hongbin said.
I looked at him; he was a mess, “Yes, Hongbin its fine.” I walked so that I was facing everyone and they were looking at me, “Our only goal right now is that we get home.”
I watched as everyone got their things together, and then looked at me for what to do next. I walked to Mang and asked him how he got down here from the waterfall.
“I flew us down.” He said.
“Do you think you could fly us up to the top?” I asked him.
“Yes I could do that.”
We walked back to the waters edge where we got on Mang’s back. He lifted up into the sky and circled above the water. I looked below at the waterfall. I turned my head back and nodded at Mang to continue going. He turned to the waterfall and flew over. The water sprayed us as we flew over.
We landed on the other side of the river, from where we went down. We all climbed off of his back. I sat down by the edge and stared out at the water. I watched as it whizzed past in a big line. Rocks popped out of the water messing up the current. Farther down was the waterfall. The current kept going, then would stop.
I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up and saw Hongbin. He came and sat down next to me, “Glad we’re out of there?”
I didn’t face him, “Yeah I guess.” I pulled some grass out, “I kind of liked it down there. It felt like home.”
“It did. But it wasn’t safe.”
I looked at him, “Are we moving again?”
He stood up, “No. Mang wanted me to tell you that we are making camp here.” He started walking off, “So, you need to get off your butt and help look for sticks.”
I watched him walk off into the woods with Hyuk. I got up and walked into the woods alone. I made sure that Mang and Mrs. Lee saw me before I went in.
Inside the woods were dark creatures. They would fly past and make weird noises. I wasn’t bothered by them. I just kept walking. Up ahead was a nice pile of sticks. I walked to them and picked them up.
Turning around I saw a shadow fly past. I kept walking, until the shadow was standing in front of me. I stood my ground. The sticks still in my hands, I stood there. I would wait for however long I needed to before I could pass him. He reached a hand out and placed it on my shoulder.
Towering over me I looked up at him. He had no face, just darkness. All of a sudden I felt dizzy. The forest began to spin around me. I blinked my eyes trying to stay up. It didn’t help, everything went black.
The sticks in my hands began to fall down. I stood there with black over my eyes. Then a light showed, it got closer and closer. In the middle of the light was something black. As it got closer I saw what it was. A man. He wore old clothing, something maybe they wore in the 1800’s.
I walked closer to him, “Ah, Y/N.” He held out his hands, “It’s so nice to finally meet you.” I grabbed his hands, “Please, sit.”
When I looked down there was a chair, there wasn’t one before. I sat down. And looked at him, “Who are you?”
He sat down next to me in a chair that just appeared, “I am not of importance right now.” he turned so his body was facing me.
“Okay, then what is this place?” I asked.
“Ah, this place?” he moved his hand around the white room, “It can be anything you want.”
“Really?” I asked, “Anything?”
“Yes anything, all you have to do is think it up, and poof.” A garden appeared with so many types of flowers. I was no longer sitting in a chair but in the middle of the flowers.
“Wow! This is so cool!” I jumped up and ran around the flowers.
“It is very cool indeed.” He said.
I ran back to him, “So, can I try?”
He smiled and nodded, “All you have to do is think of a place.”
“Okay.” I said. I thought of the waterfall I was at, and the meadow. I closed my eyes and pictured it. When I opened my eyes I was standing in the meadow. It was so cool. I ran around the meadow and through the trees.
When I broke through the trees I was back at the water. It was so beautiful to be back, “This is so cool!” I said, “How is it that you can do this?”
“I can do this because I am God.” He said.
I was frozen by the water, I turned and looked at him dead in the eye, “You are what?”
“I am God.” He said with a sly smile.
“If you’re God then you can help my mother.” I pulled the flower gem out of my pocket and showed it to him, “Help me use this, please.”
He looked at the gem I was holding and just started at it, “How do you have that?” he said pointing to the gem.
“This? I found it. Now answer my question first.”
“I asked you something! Now you answer it or you fall!” he began to grow really tall, and when I looked behind me I was at a cliff. Below me were rocks.
“This flower, I found it.” I said trying to keep my balance.
“No you’re wrong; you asked how to use it.” He said. The cliff edge began to crumble behind me, “Anytime you answer the question wrong I will break more of the cliff and watch you fall.”
“Now answer me, how do you have the gem?”
I didn’t want to answer him, I knew that he wasn’t any kind of God. He was playing my mind. If I told him what I knew maybe he would let me go.
“I was lead to this flower by a poem. It turned into a gem when I found it. I have it because my mother is dying and it can help her.”
“You don’t need that flower for anything. Your mother is not sick. She was playing you, just as I am now.” he said and stepped forward and grabbed the gem out of my hand.
“What!” I stepped backward, “Hey! That’s my gem, and you’re wrong! She would never do that!”
“You don’t believe me?” he turned and faced me, “Take a look for yourself.” He pointed at the cavern below me.
I looked and saw that my mother was happy, and my father was by her side. They both were at the park sitting under a tree. Both of them were laughing. Not a single thought of me popped in their head.
Tears rolled down my checks, “You’re lying!” I turned around and ran at him, “This is a lie! I will not believe you! Now give me back my gem!” I charged at him, nothing in my hands to defend me. I pulled my hand back getting ready to punch him.
I swung and felt his hand grab my wrist, “You foolish girl. You can never stop me. There is no big bird to help you either.” He began to laugh, and threw me to the ground. I began to cry, he was the one who had killed my best friend.
I looked up behind teary eyes and saw him walk away. He had all my hope of saving my mother, the gem that was going to save her, and my best friend.
“I will find you out and kill you!!!” I screamed after him. My eyes then went black. When I opened them I was in the forest again, sitting on my knees, the sticks all around me.
I picked the sticks up, wiped my eyes and walked back to the others. When I got there, Hongbin and Hyuk were just coming out of the forest too. It felt like forever that I was with that guy. But it was really just two minutes.
I threw the sticks down and sat by the edge of the water. I sat thinking so hard that I didn’t hear Hongbin call my name. He ran over to me and shook my shoulder. When I looked at him my eyes were red. I saw what I looked like in his eyes, and turned around. He grabbed me into his chest and just held me. He understood I was in pain. He just didn’t know what pain.
I sat with him at the fire, not eating anything, staring into space. I had to tell them what happened, and that we needed to chase after that so called God. I looked up at the night sky and watched as the stars danced.
When everyone was done eating I thought that would be the best time to tell them what happened. I told them everything. All up to when he took the gem. I didn’t think I could tell them what happened, but I had to. I finished and they just looked at me.
“He did what?” Hongbin said.
“He took the gem from me.” I said.
“That bastard!” he shouted.
“Hongbin,” Mrs. Lee said, “There is no need to call names.” She looked at me, “I’m sorry deary that he did such a thing, we will get it back. I promise.”
“The only thing is you guys, is that I have no clue where he went. Not even a hint.” I said and cupped my face.
“It doesn’t matter Y/N, we will find him and get that gem back for you. No matter what!” Hongbin said standing up.
“Thanks you guys.” I said, “I think it’s time to hit the hay.” I got up, “Night you guys.”
“Wait up!” Hongbin shouted.
I was walking to the edge of the forest. I made a little bed out of straw. I didn’t care that it was not comfortable. I sat down and looked up at Hongbin.
“You didn’t have to follow me.” I said and lay down. "I don't want to talk about this anymore either. Please just let me sleep. "He came and sat next to me.
“I did. Because I didn’t want that bastard to come near you again.” He said looking straight ahead. "I'll stay up until you fall asleep."
“I’ve never heard you talk like that.” I said.
“Oh, yeah sorry, I’ve never talked like that before either.”
“Maybe you’re only talking like that because you want to impress me.” I said smiling and scooting closer to him.
I could tell that he felt uncomfortable sitting this close to me. I knew that I felt safe next to him. I didn’t care that he was trying to act cool. I laid my head on his shoulder and began to drift away. Before I was fully asleep I whispered, "Thank you Hongbin. For everything so far."I felt a little kiss on my head. Then I was out.

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