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Summary: I'm young, with a full life ahead of me... And seven famed idols as roomates. And a baby. Genre: Comedy, Friendship Rating: 16+ (some language and adult themes) Welcome back, welcome back. I suppose I should start including links and whatever for you lads and lassies: ~Chapter One ~~Chapter Two ~~~Chapter Three Enjoy this Jin chapter you EatJin lovers!
After a week, it was almost as though everything had returned back to normal, as if there were no pregnant women infiltrating the Bangtan headquarters, which made me considerably happy and more comfortable being there with them. Except one thing so obvious I couldn’t help but notice; the boys were being very cautious with me. When we were playing Wii sports, Taehyung and Namjoon were battling in a merciless one on one tennis match. And given the leader’s constant clumsiness, he tripped over Jin’s damn Mario plushy and barreled right towards the couch I was sitting on. Normally, I’d catch him—trust me, this isn’t the first time this has happened—and the boys knew that. But this time, Kookie, who had been sitting next to me, leapt up and tackled his hyung before that occurred. I was honored by his heroic actions, though I know I could’ve taken on Rapmon myself. Even during meals, they had smaller portions on their plates, which I easily caught on to. I said nothing, though, smally smiling through the meal every time I caught one of them looking my way, considerate eyes gauging the status of my plate filling. Expressing symptoms of pregnancy was a long ways away, as it had only been a scuff into the 9 months before me, but the boys acted as though I was prepared to drop and plop a kid out any moment. I truly owed them. It warmed me in ways I was unsure of how to express or retaliate. So I always remained silent, thanking them when they weren’t listening or looking. At eight o’ clock one Tuesday morning, I was about three weeks in, I woke up to prep for breakfast. It helped that I did some time at a kimchi joint; I managed to pick up some culinary knowledge in the end of it, so eh, I suppose being a pig for several months did its justice. Before I had joined the family, Jin was responsible for most meals in the dorm. Then I tagged along, and ended up doing a lot of it myself. Since it was early—well, early for the boys on break—I crept out of my bedroom. Most were heavy sleepers, but I never wanted to take the risk, especially when they needed sleep. I noiselessly padded along the hall and towards the kitchen, where I made a shocking discovery. The light was on and Jin was rummaging through the fridge, balancing some items in the crook of his elbow. I curiously watched, unnoticed, as he passed an opened jar of an unknown substance under his nose, immediately revolted by the smell. I couldn’t help my laugh, and the pretty boy jumped at the sound of it. “Who knows how old that is,” I giggled after he shot me an accusatory look. “I thought you were the one keeping tabs on the kitchen inventory, Rei.” He had a point. I shrugged, moving next to him to help collect the jars and containers he was holding. “Are these all bad?” “Nope. I just wanted to cook something this morning.” My eyes widened slightly, my mouth forming an ‘o’ shape. It had been quite a while since he’s cooked for us. Without responding, I pulled the Mario apron from the cupboard and hung it off his shoulder. “By all means; I’ve missed mother’s food.” His lip quirked at that, and after setting the remainder of the items down, he reached into the same cupboard and revealed a plain white apron. “Well, now the kids have two mothers to cook for them.” We laughed. I helped him tie the strings securely around his broad back, and he did the same for me, carefully tightening them around my abdomen. “What should we make?” “We can be boring and go with eggs.” “Remove your apron.” I laughed and brushed him away, suggesting a hefty serving of bean sprout soup and guksu noodles, possibly kimchi if we had the time. We got to work right away, having just two hours before alarms would sound throughout the dorm. Our movement was fluid, Jin’s and mine, like we had done this several times. He got to work on the rice while I stirred noodles, occasionally checking how the other was doing to see if they needed any assistance. Then, when the rice was finished, he started chopping cabbage for the kimchi, and we had some time before the beasts would awaken. “Hey Rei?” My cooking partner questioned, eyes focused on his knife and cutting board. I peered at him through the wavy locks of unbrushed tendrils, sending a quiet “hm?” his way. His movements faltered briefly, as though he was reconsidering what he’d say. Then, he continued his monotonous chopping and asked, “Will you really be able to give the baby away?” I felt my fingers clench around the handle of the pot before me, eyes tracing the lines of his beautiful princess man face. Huh, why was I so shocked by the question? It was easy to answer. “Of course. It’s for my friend.” I couldn’t determine what the look on his face after that meant. It was sort of doubting, but also understanding, the way his eyes narrowed ever so much, his lip tightening. He met my eyes. “I don’t think any person caring enough to have a child for their friend would be able to let it go without heart.” My heart clenched with his words. What the hell, man? I was about to retort, but the smell of burning invaded my senses. “OH SHIT.” I peeled the plastic spoon from the burner, even though it was already deformed and melting. “What are you doing there?!” I tossed the thing into the sink, immediately shutting off the stove and removing the pot, salvaging the noodles. Jin caught my hand after I burned my finger on the waxy black gunk, a futile attempt to clean it from the scalding surface. He scolded me lightly as I laughed the situation off, holding my palm under the sink faucet. “Okay, what actually died in here?” We looked to where Namjoon was walking in, the rest of BTS behind him as they sleepily rubbed their eyes. “Was it the baby?” “Oh my god Taehyung what the hell.” I flicked some water at them, and they scurried away like lost squirrels. “The kids are up...” Jin voiced behind me, still forcing my hand under the cold stream. I shrugged, at least we had the food ready, but the smell wouldn’t be easy to rid. “I’ll scrape that off when it dries, but let’s serve what we have at the table instead of in here. Cool beans?” He patted my head, returning the English. “Cool beans.” The boys helped themselves after Jin and I set out the pots, their portions still smaller than usual even though I knew they were all hungry. Being the ever generous soul I am, I filled my plate halfway, announcing I wasn’t all that famished and leaving them to fight for the rest. Partway through the meal, Hoseok was making faces at me from across the table while the others were honed in on an intense conversation between V and Namjoon, deciding who looked best during their three year anniversary photoshoot. I suddenly received a call, my phone vibrating in my pocket. Normally, I’d excuse myself, but I was curious as to who would do the mic drop between the two, so with my eyes flitting between them, I answered my mother’s call. “Hello ma,” It’s not as though we didn’t frequently speak to each other on purpose, rather, she was always so busy it was hard to find the time to. I smiled after the boys hollered, Jimin clapping Tae’s back after a fiery roast. “Reina.” My eyebrows knitted at the tone of her voice, and I looked away from the boys. “What’s up?” She hesitated on the other end. She never sounded like this. Kind of worried and confused? My mother was a high-end business woman who spit wit and crossed anyone out with sharp intellect and a cumbersome pride. I grew anxious, closing out the world around me. She knew about the pregnancy, believe me, she was the first person I told. So it can’t have been that. “Mom, what is it?” My Japanese felt weird in the household, but I only clenched my chopsticks tighter. “Your father. It’s your father.” What? What about my father? What about the man who went back to the states when I was young and wee? The one I hardly remembered tucking me in at night? The one I’ve only exchanged emails with once every three friggin' months? “Yes? I know I have one—” “Reina Mei, I know you are not close with him, but you need to stop with the childish acts, especially since you’re twenty-two and pregnant now.” She took a breath; I chewed the inside of my cheek. The noise of Bangtan was drowned out by my wondrous and speculating imagination. And as if I wasn’t even remotely prepared for what she would say, my chopsticks had fallen from my hand. “Your father is in the hospital.”
Now you may be wondering, hey Cass, why are you such a dipthong? ... I have my reasons, now, don't make me remind you. This is a comedy. It will be primarily comedic. But for the sake of my angst filled heart, I will have small tender moments that jerk the tears out of your eyes. Don't worry, I know what I'm doing... I think. My dear Cosmos~ @TheEnlightment @Superjuniorelf @jaxomb @BetseyBleau @SarahVanDorn @jjrockstar @EmmaJolie @MaritessSison @resavalencia @ivyheart13 @Saeda1320 Thank you for reading, and stay tuned for the next one!
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