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Lots of new detail on the sequel to the "Rise of the Planet of Apes" showcased at the Comic Con. "Times are tough for what's left of mankind after the Simian Flu. We hear how the humans spent four years fighting the virus, and another four years fighting each other. There are gunshots. Clarke is in the forest, desperately calling out "I need to talk to Caesar!" And then we cut to a close-up of an ape's eyes. As the camera slowly pulls back we see that it's Caesar, a bit older from when we last saw him, with white war paint on his face and a red stripe down his brow. And behind him, other apes, all with weapons… waiting to attack. Cut to the title: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes." Viral Campaign for this film has been launched as well, be sure to check out the video!
i'm really glad they're keeping this going. I thought the first movie left off where I wanted it to start
The first movie was suprisingly good though. I was supporting the apes throughout the movie lol