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So when I first started working at Amazon I was like I couldn't wait to see if any Kpop merchandise comes through! Well about three weeks in I was starting to wonder about it cause I hadn't seen any! Well my managers were talking to me while I was busy working and this thing popped on the screen!
The sounds that I made wasn't human and it scared the shit out of my managers. They asked me what was wrong and did I hurt myself or something! But they calmed down after I said omg JHOPE! Someone bought a jhope sweater and it completely made my day! I was so happy! My managers kept asking why I freaked out and when I tried to explain they just got confused on why I liked a Korean group haha but secretly one of them checked BTS out and they like them!
Now today! I scared the crap out of my coworkers cause BTS boys in luv album popped up and I screamed again haha! They just looked at me like I was crazy and I just said sorry over and over then giggles!
Side note! I have an update on my Kpop merchandise that I have I'll update this weekend after I get all my poster up!
this is adorable tbh I would love to see what ppl buy i would get a kick or of it
Haha, cute! I'd be the same way.
I would be the exact same way haha
Oh I do haha @danyeljules41