EXO-LS ❤❤❤
I'm a Yixing/D.O/Xiumin/Chanyeol..... and just basically all of them❤ but mostly those 4, who's girl are you??
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Total Tao girl. Don't worry baby, I'll keep you safe! But I'm also a Chanyeol girl, Chen girl, Xiumin girl...like it's hard to pick just one lol
a year ago·Reply
xiumin and kyungsoo girl
a year ago·Reply
I'm kyungsoo/Baekhyun/Chanyeol girl 😭🙈
a year ago·Reply
I am Sehun's girl. And a little bit Tao
a year ago·Reply
I'm low key 🔑 all of these but I'm ESPECIALLY TAO!!! anything that hurts tao can catch these hands 👐 👐 👇 ✋ ✋✋✊👎👋
a year ago·Reply