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Help me out... I need some fashion advice!
@takashi02 yes, boo but to me swag is also a fashion statement abt styling and when I think of pants half off your ass, wife beater shirt, wearing your hat on side ways is not swag but ghetto hood...lolz...
@cheerfulcallie sag is swag. i think this is a perfect combination for a hot summer day!
@johnj6879 your cmmt, lolz @johnlee its nice to be stylish but most important is be comfortable in your attire. To me the length of your shorts are fine and its swag to sag a little. Besides, i don't think I have ever seen guys wear shorts at or above their knees?! Nothing wrong with it though its all abt preference. Overall i think you look good, I bet you'll look awesome in a suit too :)
@johnlee actually your outfit goes really well with the grill in the background :D
@lovemilkis Thanks for the advice! I'll keep it in mind when I go shopping next time.
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