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This sounds like a recipe for disaster...

My boyfriend likes my hair long (I've been meaning to cut it but I just haven't had the time) so he'd probably not do TOO much damage.

I would though fear that he doesn't know how my hair reacts to weather. I like not having to do much with my hair but if I have it layered I'd have to put a lot of work in to make sure it isnt crazy poofy!

Would you let your significant other or best friend do it this to you!?

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No I don't think so! I love my hair and only I touch my hair lol.
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Oh goodness no! I let no significant other or best friend touch my hair
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I don't mind! I actually think it's fun but my guy would freak out. I did his hair once and I turned him into spock. It was my pre-professional hair day. haha
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