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I was playing Slither.io and saw that the person who was second on the leaderboard was someone named Jungkook. XDXD. I tried to find them but I died before I could! Kpop fans are everywhere I swear!
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One time when I was playing this I named my snake jibooty 😂😂
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@JustinaNguyen Omg yes!!! I always have mine named N or Hakyeon. Sometimes Nnnn haha. But I about died whenever I saw Jungkook's name there I'm like "where are they?" But I died!!!
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I always play under either Kyunee which is my name mixed with Infinites Sungkyu or I sometimes play under DensityPancakes or UrbanPancake. 😂
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@DestineeLiu I've totally seen you before under UrbanPancake! I'm not kidding!!!
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