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Have you ever thought about what you'd be like when you're in your sixties?

For many of us, we'll be becoming grandparents or beginning to consider retirement (economy permitting). But will we still have the same interests? Will we still be listening to EDM or drawing fan art or maybe even cosplaying for an anime con?
Well, if 66-year-old cosplay star Tomoaki Kohguchi is indicative of anything, it's that growing old doesn't have to stop you from loving whatever you really love!

Here he is as One Piece's Brook - sick electric guitar included!

And can we take a moment to admire his Master Roshi?

Here he is bringing even Attack on Titan's Dot Pixis to life.

His Tanaka really rounds out this fun Black Butler shoot.

So which look is your favorite Tomoaki Kohguchi cosplay?

And to my otaku friends on Vingle, do you think you'll still be into anime and manga when you're older too?

Let me know in the comments below, and to check out Tomoaki and even MORE cool cosplaying seniors, check out another card I really love: Remember: It Doesn't Matter What Age You Are, You Can Cosplay!
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@JanellaAira RIGHT? He kills it.
Nahh.. I'd be too lazy..
@TonyTonyChopper Have you tried cosplay before?
on the last picture what is that on his chest?
@danidee No but I want to... but my laziness always kick in