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Steve Nash: At 6-2, maybe 190 pounds, Nash has scored over 13,000 points and dished over 7,500 assists in his 13 NBA seasons. But more relevantly, he won two MVP awards with a couple of eye-popping seasons in Phoenix. Were his numbers inflated from playing in Mike D’Antoni’s system? Maybe. But as Nash himself told me a few years ago, “It was from team play and it was how well our team did that made me the MVP. I owe it all to my teammates, and I realize it’s unique. It’s good for kids and good for the game that the MVP was awarded to someone who won it in a team setting.”—LW
I think he means D'Antoni's system
@goyo what do you mean b/c of the system? the Suns system?
I don't really get that he did bc of the system argument. No system I've seen can help u make some of the ridiculous dimes he does