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Could you imagine if you talked to every new person you met the way you talked to new dogs and babies?

"Who's THIS cutie?!" would probably get you the dirtiest looks.

How do you guys talk to animals? Do you have a special animal voice? Do you call them ridiculous names? What do you think humans would do if you talked to them this way?
if i see a dog i just scream DOGE and pet it P.s. i dont have a voice i just wisper to them p.p.s i have talked to people like dogs when they try to take my food
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why do we have to say nice to meet you? @_@ don't want to take away from subject, just saying sometimes It aint nice to meet them lol
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@danidee yes if I actually enjoy after it, I would say nice to meet you, but initially I don't because it's not nice yet lol
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@ShakirBishop Hahahahaha I do that too. Or no matter what age. I still call my dog a puppy and she's like 8.
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I call all dogs puppies no matter what size 馃槉馃檪馃槉
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