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I always can't help but eat while watching Korean dramas because... THEY'RE ALWAYS EATING!

If you're a drama junkie, you'll understand the temptation.


Stop it. Stop making this look delicious!

Not one, but two corn dogs.

Tell me how can I not eat after watching this.


Eric, it's okay we understand.

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1.) gotta make some spaghetti to make them look like ramyun. 2.)Have Pepsi beside me 3.) snacks 4.) and more snacks cuz it's a Marathon
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the food that actually makes me drool is the kimchi xD and since we don't have it at home, I just prepare any snack foods with me that could satisfy my cravings 馃槀 lol
2 years agoReply
@chookies KIMCHI is good but I always have acid reflux when I eat it! Although, I really like spicy food. =)
2 years agoReply
So true though...I find and save more recipes and eat more snacks watching dramas than any other time!
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I always make food before I watch a Kdrama.. because whether I've eaten before or not I'll still get hungry.. is that like a Kdrama power "Maker of the watcher hungry"? that was bad but Before I saw this I thought I was the only one...
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