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Have you ever imagined your favourite anime characters being teachers in a university :p? Now you know! Open the picture to read everything in detail, it is a huge file ;)
this is really really cool! I would love to attend *o*
Giovani as the dean of Business School? I'm not sure if his multibillion dollar investment in trying to steal pikachu from a 10 year old boy for past 20 years has had any return yet....
@nshen1 he has enough money to throw away on those side projects xD
@nshen1 hahaha oh myyy, that's a good analysis, maybe he just had bad financial counselling? @beeonka doing what xD he never succeeds with any of his projects xD even mewtwo was a failure :b
@PiuPiuPENGUIN ... you're right ;__; poor gio!