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This is just our (me and my friend) dream cast if ever a live action of Junjou Romantica will happen. Since we are not very very knowledgeable with Jdrama actors, we tried our best to match the characters with the following: looks, potential to portray the character etc. If you feel that there is someone better to play the role, comment nicely bec. we are seriously open for more opinions. :) ++ DON'T FORGET TO CHECK OUT OUR SEKAIICHI DREAM CAST TOO FOUND HERE: http://www.vingle.net/posts/1634775?asrc=copylink ++
Yuki Kimisawa as Usami Akihiko We feel that he can do this. We just struggled in finding the perfect photo for him bec. he is always smiling (argh!) but we think he got the "sexy appeal" going on already. :)
Koji Seto as Takahashi Misaki He got the charm (slightly annoying) aura of Misaki already. He's a lot cuter though but we feel that his cuteness and bubbliness is enough to be the main uke.
Ryo Nishikido as Kusama Nowaki This hurt. Because I love Ryo. But if I would put him in a BL pairing, yes... I'd rather have him as Nowaki (my favorite seme in Junjou). We chose him bec. he aced the "Nowaki Stare" which is the thing Nowaki does in both anime and manga.
Kamenashi Kazuya as Kamijou Hiroki This is just..... amazing. He is like a picture perfect Hiroki. Bonus points because he and Ryo are bestfriends IRL. (Scroll next photo for their photo together). I SHIP!!!
Fujiko Naohito as Miyagi Yoh Miyagi is not my favorite character really. He's just okay. However, Naohito is one of my jdrama crushes so this is actually an interesting choice for us.
Hongo Kanata as Takatsuki Shinobu Remember when I said Ryo's casting hurt? Double that hurt and that's how I feel about casting Kanata (my baby Kanata) as Shinobu. But... the role looks perfect on him!! So I really can't complain much.
There you have it. We're also working on Sekaiichi Hatsukoi Live Action which we will post tomorrow (it's 11 PM where I am now) so I have to sleep. That's it. Good night! Like I said, tell me what you think or if you have better casting opinions so we can check them out. *wink* EDIT: Already posted the Sekaiichi dream cast. Check out my Otaku Hub collection. :)
@Karina19 Thanks! Check out our dreamcast for Sekaiichi too. 馃槍
wow i really likes the live actors picked seems legit馃榿
This ones awesome too! I love it!
love the casting, they would be perfect
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