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Hello! Welcome to the 12th Chapter! Sorry for the long wait but I caught a cold, and im still not over with it. Once Im over this I promise we will be back on schedule!
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After getting your dream job at SM Entertainment, you find yourself getting close to the EXO memebers. Though you guys are close it doesnt compare to you and Ivy’s friendship. D.O is the shyest out of all nine members. He rarely spoke to you but yet you feel as if you have had full on conversations. As if you hear a little voice. D.O seems to get more comfortable with you he first two weeks of your arrival. You grow closer and closer. Will this friendship last? Or will you get all lovey dovey ?

Chapter 12

(Previously on Dream Come True) **insert TV show voice**
Kyungsoo's Prov
We cuddled for a while. I traced her features with my finger. I stared at her lips. I ran my thumb over them. I inched closer and closer. I felt her warm breath hit my face and I couldnt help myself. I closed the distance and gave her a peck on her lips. The way they felt on mine was perfect. She was perfect. In that one moment I envisioned our future. We would have two kids, a big house, a dog and my life would be complete.
I pulled back and traced over her lips with my thumb once again.
I fell asleep like that. My hand caressing her cheek, and a smile on my face.

Renesmay's Prov.

I woke up but I didnt open my eyes. I stayed put. I barely remembered last night and surprisingly i didnt have a head ache.
This morning was warmer than usual. This pillow was...moving. Not moving but, breathing. I took a breath in and the smell took over me. It was Kyungsoo's smell. I didnt need to open my eyes to know that. Memories of the night before rushed into my mind as i recalled everything.
<< Oh.... my....I-I.....my....gosh....>>
I opened one eye open and peeked up. There was a sleeping Kyungsoo. He looked so peaceful in his sleep. His lips were slightly parted and had a bit of...
<< hold on...is that... it cant be>>
A small tint of pink on his lips. A bit too pink to be natural. Shit...
I remember last night before going out I put a bit of lipstick on.....
<<Did I kiss him in my sleep last night??? No wonder my dream was so realistic...>>
I panicked and I was gonna get up. As i did so i felt my legs rub against each other...
I was probably red at this point. I finally got the courage to start to lean up. As i started to think nothing could get worse, Kyungsoo's hand has on my waist. He scrunched up his face as I got up. His grip got tighter and he pulled me back down.
He pulled me into his chest. His grip on me all together got tighter. It wasnt an uncomfortable amount of pressure.
He started to mumble.
I looked at him shocked at what i was hearing. I stared at his lips, the smudge.
I lifted my thumb to wipe it off.
<< Jezus his lips are so freakin soft.>>
I wiped until it had finally gone away. He turned so that our stomachs were against each other. With my hand still on his lips I slowly pet them. I scooted up so that we were face to face. I admired his plump lips. The lipstick had smeared enough to make his already pink lips even pinker. Kyungsoo's hand went from my thigh up and traced up to my face. His eyes still closed but he lowered his chin so that he rested his forehead on mine.
He caressed my cheek. His lips inched into a smile. He moved a bit and slowly fluttered his eyes.
I quickly closed my eyes doing my best to act as if I was asleep.
There was silence but I could feel Kyungsoo's stare. He leaned in closer as our noses touch.
"I wish you were mine." He whispered.
<<...what is this supposed to mean?...no he couldnt have meant...could he?....>>
Just then he sits up and opens his phone. After a while of me pretending to sleep.
I opened one eye and looked up. Kyungsoo looked over and smiled.
"Good morning." He said as he smiled.
"Good morning." I replied. "umm... how did I get here? Im pretty sure I fell asleep on the couch."
"Well.." He said scratching his neck. "I heard u tossing and turning on the couch and I ...um... got worried and I uh brought u here. You had a bit of a fever, and thats probably why you were having that nightmare... But is it okay if I talk to you about last night?I know its too early and its okay if you dont want to but... maybe it would be good to... ya know.... talk about it?"
I looked at him and he honestly did seem genuinely worried about me. It made me feel comfortable.
"Sure. What do you want to talk about?"
<< Please oh please dont talk about the kiss or the lipstick on your lip.>>
"Is it okay I bring up something Patrick said?" He said with caution.
I nodded my head. I guess it would be better to just let it all out. Who knows? It might make me feel better.
"What did he mean by "you never went further than making out with me"... does that mean your a virgin? Sorry its a weird question but, I just had to ask out of curiosity.."
"Dont worry. But...um ya..ya I am... Its a bit embarrassing..." "N-no dont worry. It isnt... if it makes you feel better. I havent told anyone but... so am I..." He said starting to scratch his eye brow.
"A-Anyways... What happened in your dream that you wanted Patrick to leave you alone or let you go?"
" I was in a room and it just seemed so real...He ripped my heart out and laughed at me with the-the lady..." I looked down as the painful memories flooded back to me. I cleared my throat trying to hide the tears and prevent my voice form cracking. "He also had gripped my neck and was choking me... it all felt so real and...it looked so real too..."
I felt a tear drop from my cheek.
"oh Renesmay..." He scooted towards my wiping my cheek and hugged me. "Its okay It was only a dream."
He pulled back and smiled at me. I think he realized how close we were as he started to blush and backed off. I didnt want to tell him the rest of the dream I mean what was i supposed to say???
'hey i kissed you in my dream and you saved me form dying in the water i was drowning in.'

Narrator Prov.

Kyungsoo felt his heart go one hundred miles per hour as he pulled back. He got up and moved towards his closet.
"We are having breakfast together this morning... Suho will make a fuss if we aren't there to help so..."
"Right, right"
"But before we leave um... Put these on." He said as he tossed her some sweatpants.
The real reason he did this was because he had to keep his eye out.... He knows Kai is just a tease but it was someone other than him. He still had his eye on Kai but it was Baekhyun. He had noticed how protective he was of her and how touchy he was. It bothered him.
"oh ya.. thanks." Renesmay replied looking down. She had forgotten that she didnt have pants on. He had made her feel so comfortable that she had completely forgotten. She caught them as she made her way out of bed. She adjusted the big tshirt and slipped them on.
Kyungsoo couldnt take his eyes off her. She was so beautiful. Even in the morning she looked like a model. She looked perfect. He couldnt even come up with words to describe her.

Renesmay's Prov.

I opened the door and walked towards the kitchen as Kyungsoo followed behind. We entered the kitchen and I was greeted by a smiling Suho.
"Good Morning!" He said as he wiped his nose getting a bit of pancake mix on him.
"Good Morning. Can I help you with anything? Its the least I can do after you guys showing me such kindness." I replied.
"Oh it really is nothing. But you can help me with making some more batter! Feeding nine men and you takes more than the recommended measurements!" He said smiling.
I nodded and went to work. One by one each member walked in. Baekhyun walked behind me giving me a back hug as he said good morning. Since he was the first one out he helped me with all the measurements. He got all the ingredients out as well. He made funny jokes that kept me laughing. He also almost got me in trouble as he put flour on my nose. I wanted to do it back but before I did so Suho scolded him for playing with the food.
Kyungsoo was setting up the plates looking up more than once every 2 minutes. He looked like he was jealous and a bit like a sad puppy. I dont know but every time I looked Baekhyun would try to gain my attention back. And every time he got it.
"How did you sleep last night?" Baekhyun asked.
"Oh It was horrible at first but then i dont know what happened and I slept like a baby."
"Oh thats awesome! What happened that it was ba-"
"Hey Reneessmaay~" Kai said as he walked into the kitchen. He grabbed my hand and twirled me around like a princess. I giggled and then he stopped and gave me a noogie. I laughed as I tried to escape.
"Mornin Oppa^^ "
I went back to making the batter and putting it in a bottle for Suho to put it on.
"Renesmay, Can you get the rest of the guys for me?"
"Sure thing!"
As I walked down the hall I was pulled into one of the rooms. I looked to see Kyungsoo's back as he closed the door.
"How come you dont call me oppa?"
"You never asked... I mean, do you want me to?" "Yes. It would make me feel... important to."
" I dont mean do make you feel not important. I just didnt think it would really be a big deal... But since you asked. Its no problem... Oppa." Once those words left my mouth he looked at me from the corner of his eye and blushed.
He quickly opened the door and walked out.
I stood there confused trying to completely process what happened.

Kyungsoo's Prov.

Everything was fine this morning. I feel as if Renesmay and I are really bonding. When we went to the kitchen Suho sent her to make more batter.
"I have a serious thing to ask you, mister."
He sounded serious and I dont know what to do honestly. << Did I do something wrong? Did I say something? Did I look odd?>>
" Whats up?"
"I woke up first this morning and uh... how come Renesmay wasn't on the couch? Actually scratch that. Why wasnt anyone on the the couch this morning?"
I looked at him but he hadnt looked up. He honestly looked like he was a suspicious mother who caught her kids sneaking in at 4am.
"Oh I mean for most of the night she was there but in the middle of the night I heard rustling in the living room and so i went to go check on her. She had a fever and so I brought her back to my room."
"Oh okay...thats very nice! And knowing you would have given her your bed and you would have slept on the floor."
"Mhm yeah..."
He looked over at me raising an eyebrow.
"What do you mean "Mhm yeah""
"Well you see she umm.. Got a grip on my arm yada yada yada...then um then she was shivering and she wouldnt stop no matter what. So I had to climb in bed with her" He turned with wide eyes and raised his hand to hit me on the head.
"BUT BEFORE YOU JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS!! nothing happened..."
"i just.. mmm"
"I said I just mhmmmammm"
" what?"
He stood there shocked.
"Kyungsoo! You should be better than this! No wonder your lips are pinker than usual..."
I put my hand on my lips and quickly covered them getting embarrassed.
"I know Im sorry but I just have to get this off my chest... I was lying down there and once I had gotten in the bed I hugged her close and she stopped. She got closer to me and just stayed there. I felt like it was meant to be... My heart couldnt take it. My head wasnt working but leaned in. I did it and I felt like I-I dont know. It was so perfect..." I blushed at the thought. I remembered the way it felt the way her lips tasted like strawberries... they were so sweet...
"Okay okay, Im letting you off the hook this time but if it goes any further than that, I swear. to.god. You will regret the day you met her. okay."
I gulped and nodded.
"Good now go set the table up."
I bowed and turned on my heels. As I set the table I took extra long. It bothered me how I watched Baekhyun flirt with Renesmay. I knew I had to keep an eye out for him. I get if he was being friendly but this was too friendly. Even for him.
After minutes of watching them flirt, Kai walked in. Now for some reason what he did, it bothered me but at the same time I knew Kai. Kai was a tease. Then it happened.
"Good Morning Oppa."
It filled me with jealousy. I hated this feeling but I couldnt help but feel it. It burned my soul.
I heard Suho tell Renesmay to go call the guys so we can eat. I took the advantage and rushed into my room first.
I went into my room and thought for a second.
<<I need to get this off my chest.>>
Just as I opened my door I saw Renesmay walking by. Before I could control myself I grabbed her and pulled her inside.
<<What the hell are you doing????>>
"How come you dont call me oppa?"
I wanted to hide my jealousy but I felt as if it was seeping out slowly.
"You never asked... I mean, do you want me to?"
"Yes. It would make me feel... important to."
The whole situation made me feel small.
" I dont mean do make you feel not important. I just didnt think it would really be a big deal... But since you asked. Its no problem... Oppa."
The last word hit me. It made me feel something I dont know what it was. I felt my face heat up....
I quickly escaped the awkward atmosphere and opened the door. I walked straight to the empty kitchen and only saw Suho.
Suho is the one I can rely on.... other than Kai but Kai is acting fishy so....ya know....
"Suho I think I made things more awkward..." "What now?" He turned to look at me, stopping the pancake process.
"Well I dont know really..." I looked up to face him " I just sorta told her that... um ....I wanted to be called Oppa too! and that uh... it made me feel less important..." I scratched the back of my neck as I told him. Its more cringe(y) now that I actually talk about it.
He told me that I should take it slow, not to bun bard her with a lot of things. Just... create a friendship. He pointed out that I barely know her and that I should get to know her. I told him more about last night and this morning and he said he can see a friendship start to blossom.. He mumbled something after that which I didnt quite catch.

Suho's Prov.

Okay okay... I'll admit... Kyungsoo is acting SO FREAKIN cute right now XD
In all four years I have never seen him so flustered over a girl.
*Imaginary interviewer heard in the background asking "What did u mumble to Kyungsoo?" *
"What? oh What did I ask? Oh umm nothing..." *insert motherly laugh*
"Okay okay I'll tell you, I'll tell you.... I just said 'maybe even a relationship...' I mean its either he is doing these things more nonchalantly than what he is describing or Renesmay is extremely clueless."

Renesmay's Prov.

I walked out and called the rest of the boys. After the encounter with Kyungsoo I thought it would be appropriate to call the rest pf the boys 'oppa'.
"Hey Renesmay! By time you got back!" Baekhyun said as he walked up to me, taking my hand and lead me to the seat next to him. I smiled at him. I waited for Xuimin to take the first pancake and then everyone started to eat. It was like the night before except no one was drinking..hehe "' ^⊂⊃^ '"
"Guys, thanks for everything but I think I have to go."
All the boys awed in disappointment.
<< Ugh Cute (≧◡≦) >>
"Sorry but I left my friend their by themselves....PLUS you guys have practice later today!" "Friend?" said Baekhyun
"Yeah they came over like two days ago but then I got the call to come to the photo shoot."
"Okay lets get to the meat of the question is your 'friend' a girl or a boy?" Sehun snapped.
I looked at him " OH! My friend is a girl. Her name is Ivy."
Why did I feel as if the room moved into a less tense atmosphere. All of the boys went from extremely tense and alert to their calm relaxed selves.
"Anyways Im gonna go change!" I turned to go change.

Narrator Prov.

After Renesmay turned to change all the boys gathered to start talking.
"I CALL WALKING HER HOME" Baekhyun blurted out as soon as he heard the door close to Kyungsoo's door. Baekhyun wanted to this sooo badly. He wanted to do it last night to but he hadn't realized how he felt until now. He just met her yet he could only find himself wanting to get closer to her.
Everyone looked at him alarmed at his sudden words.
"Why?" Chanyeol said giggling.
"Just...BECAUSE I WANT TO!" Baekhyun said as he sat back down in his seat flustered.
The guys laughed at him. The only one who didnt laugh was Kyungsoo. Why was Baekhyun acting weird? Was his suspicion right?
He really hoped not.
A little later they heard the door open and a fully clothed Renesmay walked out of the shadows. She bowed and began to speak.
"Thank you guys so much! There is no way I could repay all of you for your kindness and generosity. I cant express how much you guys mean to me. I know I just met you yesterday but you are really like my older brothers. I love all of you guys. But I gotta go now! So I'll see you guys later!"
'You are like my older brothers' rang in Kyungsoo's ears. But he wasnt the only one thinking about those words. Baekhyun felt a little disappointed. Maybe if he had spent more time with her or said different words she would have viewed him as a man.
But in reality Renesmay was feeling more for one member. She wanted to think of him as a brother but everytime she did she would then think of other thoughts.
The member screwing with her thoughts. Why was he doing this to her? She honestly was so confused.
Even if he was distant he seemed like he understood her. With a glance at him it was like they had conversations. It was odd but it felt so natural.
As soon as she started to head to the door hearing faint goodbyes in the background, a hand grabbed her wrist turning her around to face a chest. She looked up at the tall slender figure and then back at her wrist.
"Let me walk you home!" Baekhyun said.
"Sure... I dont want to trouble you though, I mean dont you have practi-" "Dont worry about it. I will be back in time!"
"If you say so! Then lets go!" Renesmay said.
Baekhyun was determined to make her think of him as other than a brother. He took the courageous move of holding her wrist even after their little chit chat. Slowly he moved his hand down till he was actually holding her hand. Renesmay didnt want to think about it too much. She didnt know how to think about it or how to feel.
"Oooh look a street vendor!!!" Baekhyun yelled pulling me toward.
"Didnt we just eat?"
"Ya but I'm a growing boy-man!" he whined Renesmay laughed at his childish behavior. Baekhyun looked at her with his signature smile. All the smells of Twigim and Odeng and Mandu filled the air. It made Renesmay's mouth water. Baekhyun ran towards it like a child to a candy shop. It was cute!
After about 20 minutes of eating they finally started walking again. The walk was like this morning they joked around and talked about the trees and the scenery.
Once they reached her front door it was time to say goodbye.
"Okay thanks for everything!" "Ya no problem, we should do this again! Just know next time you can stay in my room. Its gonna be fun!" He said.
She turned to the door opening it but before she walked in she turned back to Baekhyun running up to him and hugged him. "Thank you so much Oppa. You dont understand how much last night meant to me."
As she pulled back Baekhyun's face was dark red. He tried to stop by fanning his face as he gave Renesmay a smile. She closed the door and gave him one last wave.
Baekhyun turned back walking to the dorms. His heart racing and his heart pounding. Even when he reached the dorms his face hadnt gone back to its normal shade. He ignored everyone in the living room and went straight to his room locking the door.
His heart was doing somersaults.
Back at Renesmay's house, once she closed the door, Ivy stood there with her arms crossed.
"Spill." Renesmay explained how she caught Patrick, went to the korean bbq, caught him again, got slapped...
"HE WHAT???" "Relax afterwards Kyungsoo beat him to a pulp and that was that." "Thank god! I would have stopped you there and went on a man hunt." Renesmay continued with how she met Ian going into extreme detail knowing that Ivy would want to know. She told her about the piggie back ride Kyungsoo gave her and how he got a bit defensive when it came to Ian and when I explained, then she talked about her encounter with him at the elevator, and then that morning and the walk to the house.
"Renesmay...you lucky son of a gun!!!"
"I had a lot of fun besides getting cheated on but that was pretty good!"
"Im glad you had fu-"


"Well I guess you have a new excuse to visit!"
I hope you enjoyed this chapter! Sorry if I keep dragging the story! Like I said in the past I really want to get each detail. But Thank you for the support! LOVE YA <3
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