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100 Days of Anime, 44: Who Do I Ship?

Gray x Ultear - Fairy Tail

Don't get me wrong, I eventually came around to the Gruvia ship, but, if things had been different, I can't help but think how cool this ship would have been, pun slightly intended. Though we didn't see much of them together, they have a strong connection through Ur, and, much as I like the effect that Juvia seems to be having on him lightening up a bit, their personalities I think fit pretty well together. It hadn't crossed my mind until someone had brought it up as a crack ship in the Fairy Tail Giveaway a while back, but now I can't stop thinking about it! And now I'm crying...

Honorable Mentions

Boy is this challenge getting redundant, which I guess makes it a bit more challenging for me! Since I already shared my OTPs on Day 8 and my favorite canon couples on Day 43, for this card, I tried to focus on weighing in on popular ship wars or sharing some underappreciated ships. I absolutely welcome discussion in the comments, but just keep in mind that everyone is entitled to their own ships and opinions, so keep it civil please! (not that I think you won't!)

Eren x Mikasa - Attack on Titan

Sorry, Ereri shippers, but I don't see it. Eren is the most precious thing in the world to Mikasa, the closest thing to family she has left. Ever since he saved her from those human traffickers, she's done her best to look out for him, and I think he's a bit protective of her, too, though he doesn't show it very much. The only time I can thin of off the top of my head is when he compelled her to cut her hair when they were in training; he said this was out of utility, since it could get in the way, but it was really more to deter guys like Jean, if I recall correctly (It's been a while. I should really start reading this one!).

Ichigo x Rukia - Bleach

I might think differently if I read past where the anime is on hold, but in the IchiRuki-IchiHime debate, IchiRuki easily wins for me (though, if you know me, you know I think RukiHime ultimately wins this love triangle ;P). I don't really think I can put into words why I feel this way, but I just feel like he has a deeper connection with Rukia than with Orihime. I think he needs someone who can give him a firm kick in the pants every once in a while, and I just can't see Orihime doing that like Rukia does. I know Orihime is deeply in love with Ichigo, but I just don't think they have much chemistry. My roommate bashes me for shipping this; he's an IchiHime shipper, but I think he's lying through his teeth when he claims he never shipped IchiRuki!

Natsu x Lucy - Fairy Tail

Another shipping battle weigh-in: in the great NaLu-NaLi debate, I fall firmly in the NaLu camp! I shipped Lucy around a lot for a while, Gray, Loke, even Hibiki, but I finally settled on Natsu during the Grand Magic Games, with the way she was cheering him on during his battle with Sting and Rogue. I understand that Natsu and Lisanna had a little childhood romance thing going on when they were little, which was super adorable, but that was in the past, and now I think it's clear his heart belongs to Lucy. I've seen claims that Mashima never planned to bring Lisanna back, but since he did, I'd like to see her and Natsu at least talk to each other, but, instead, she's just kinda been there. On the other hand, Natsu and Lucy are always there for each other, like it or not, catching each other when they fall, supporting and fighting for each other no matter what! Sorry, NaLi shippers, but all signs point to NaLu!

Mako x Gamagoori - Kill La Kill

I think you'd be hard pressed to find a Kill La Kill fan who doesn't ship this, but I think it still tends to be an underrated ship! I don't really know why, but Mako has earned a permanent spot on Gamagoori's radar! He's pretty tough and protective in general, but especially so when it comes to little Mako! I think it's so cute how she's too hyperactive to notice, and he's in denial trying to be all professional, even though everyone knows it's there! Opposites attract in this perfect pairing!

Hikaru x Haruhi - Ouran High School Host Club

The Otoris and the Suos can fight over Haruhi all they want; I think she belongs with Hikaru! Hikaru can get emotional sometimes, and I think he needs someone chill and understanding like Haruhi; even Kaoru thinks so, and I think he puts it best! I always liked the chemistry Haruhi had with the twins, and I think she and Hikaru are perfect for each other.
As always, hope you enjoyed! If you wanna learn more about me/ be my friend/ be tagged in these, please don't hesitate to ask! I'm nice, I swear (mostly ;p)! Or I guess you can follow my 100 Days of Anime collection, or both if you feel so inclined!
Until next time!
@alliepetey nothing wrong with multishipping!
NALU!!! i also ship haruhi and hikaru even tho i also ship haruhi and tamaki XD
@OtakuDemon10 it is! You did AWESOME!
@HunnaBallue but it's perfect, isn't it!? Thanks, I tried to feature some of my more interesting ships here
The fifth one though xD I love it! its HILARIOUS! Some of yours are really unique there awesome ^^
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