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Time Slip Dr. Jin live recap will begin TONIGHT on 10.pm. Don't miss it!!!! What epidemic is spreading in the village? Will Jinhyuk be able to help them? Also can he help Ha eung ‘s son? Can Kyungtak get Young Rae”s heart? Stay tune for the answer in Time Slipe Dr. Jin ep 4. ps: refresh every 2-3 minutes for new update (We are LIVE!!!!) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cast Song Seung Hun as Jin Hyuk (JH) Park MIn Young as Yoo MIna (future) / Hong Young Rae (Past)(YR) Kim Jaejoong as Kim Kyung Tak (KT) Lee Bum Soo as Lee Ha Eung (HE) Lee So Yeon as Choon Hoong (CH) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Time Lapse Dr Jin Ep 4 LIVE RECAP start NOW! Episode 4 is began with Jinhyuk and Youngrae found a man with "gwejil" disease. All of minister have a meeting about this disease. The fear the disease will spread again like 3 years ago. Minister Kim asked Official doctor Yoo Hong Phil to take care this problem. At that time, They also think about Jin Hyuk Young Rae quickly wash her hand after got home afraid of contracting the disease. She told her mother, brother and Kyung Tak, The gwejil disease is back. Kyung Tak asked Young Rae's mother to stay at home for her safety Kyungtak and his soldier wear mask and go around village to catch persons who had the symptons. More and more people got the disease. They were taken to quarantine place . This disease is known as Cholera in modern times and almost gone but in Joseon dynasty is still considered dangerous. Young Rae's mother clean the house afraid of contracting the disease. Jin Hyuk decided to check the patient. Young hwi tried to change his mind but failed. Young Rae also tried to stop him, but also failed. Jinhyuk told Young rae, with precaution, he will be fine. Young hwi walk with Jin Hyuk and asked Jinhyuk understanding for Young Rae's reaction. Young Rae's father was dead because of the disease. They separated in the gate of quarantine. Jinhyuk told Young hwi not to worry, and also told Young rae that he will be fine. Young hwi asked him to beat the disease. JInhyuk entered the quarantine and shocked to see the condition of many people who vomit heavily. At the same time. The medicine people who work in there was prepared to go away. Jinhyuk asked them who is the person in charge. Jinhyuk find doctor Ho who is in charge. he was giving treatment to people by sticking yellow paper with some animal picture who was believed can beat gwejil. At the same time, Young rae was still worried in her home. Jinhyuk throw away the paper to doctor ho and said that all of this is useless. Jinhyuk told him that the disease is cholera. Doctor Ho don't believe and showed Jinhyuk that he didn't get the disease because he sticked 3 paper in his body. Then suddenly he started throwing up. Haeung walked with Choon Hoong. He told her that Jinhyuk is treating people with gwejil disease.Choon hoong said that if Jinhyuk is in charge, then shouldn't be worried. One of the giseang told Choon Hoong that one of officer was waiting for her. At the same time. the officer got out and told that he will be back some time . Ha eng walked the officer out. The officer and his servant saw Ha Eung 's son. The officer see the book in Ha Eung's son and said he learned quite high for his age. Ha Eung got angry and rip his son's book. His son was upset and ran away. The officer and servant start mocking Ha eung and his son. The Tomag tribe was also contrated the disease. Jin Hyuk see that the woman who he helped before also got the disease. Jinhyuk asked everyone to boil water with salt. and separate sick people. Ha eung was drunken in the street when his servant told him the news that his son was sick. Haeung found his son vominting in his house. He quickly took his son out of house. The officer was having a meeting. There is a tension bewtween the official and Kyung Tak. Outside Minister Kim's house, Ha eung came carrying his son, and asking the official doctor help. The official doctor said it is gwejil disease and can't help him. Ha Eung begged them on the knee. But they ended up being beaten up and thrown away from Minister Kim's house. Outside the house. Haeung hold his son and said not to worry. At that time. Ha Eung remember Choon Hong words which said If Jinhyuk is the person in Charge, He can beat the disease. Young Rae go to find Jinhyuk. Her servant tried to stop her. At the gate, she saw people inside tried to go out, and the soldier was trying to stop her. Young Rae managed to go inside, but she was stopped by 2 commoner who want something from her. They are about to attck her when Kyung Tak come to the rescue. After taking care the commoner, Kyung Tak tried to calm down Young rae by HUGging her. Young Rae said thank you while Kyung Tak tightened his hug (NICE MOVE!!!!!) In the treatments center, Jinhyuk was giving everyone some medicine. Jinhyuk went out to meet the woman's husband and son. The husband asked if everything is fine. Jinhyuk said everyone is holding up but he need some medicine which can't be bought in this world. The husband said he can try to make it. Jinhyuk take out some syringe and ask the husband to make it. But the husband said the peoblem is the money At that time Ha eung came and said he will take care everything as long Jinhyuk help his son. Jinhyuk take Haeung 's son inside and concerned if the history will be changed if the kids died ( Haeung 's son is supposed to be someone important in Korean's history) Outside the village, Haeug was trying to find a way. He saw a man who was providing everyone with stuffs(somekind snuggler). At Young Rae's house, Young Rae was getting in some room, and take a cross outside the cupboard. He was praying for Jinhyuk. (In this area, Christianity is spreading . but the officials tried to get rid the person who spread it) Ha eung come and asked Young Rae and Young Hwi for some small tube straw that was in Jinhyuk's bag. Young Rae was getting it inside the room, when her mom is chasing Haeung away. Young Rae decided to take it herself. Ha eung came to find the bandit's head. He asked him for some money with some painting in guarantee. (Ha eung actually already had some debt). The bandit's head refused it. Ha eung was playing the bandit's head with some words. the bandit's head ended up spilling out some officer's secret (the officer whom he met in Choon Hong brothel earlier) The officer is at brothel house with Choong Hong. Ha eung came and asked for some money. The officer refuse it, then Ha Eung threatened them with the secrets. The officer was not afraid with the threat. Choon Hoong came in hand. She was persuading the officer , and succeed. In the treatment center, Jinhyuk found out that one of the patients was dead. He looked devastated. Ha eung was running with money. He was chased by some people. Ha eung went to bandit's head who helped him chased away the people. At that time, ha eung ran away saying he will return the bandit's money some other time. At the treatments center, Jinhyuk was getting more and more devastated. Young Rae came and give him the tube straw. Jinhyuk asked Young Rae to go away, saying that he may not be able to help the patients. Young rae said she also at first got afraid, but told Jinhyuk to fight the fear. She has fought the fear, so Jinhyuk also had to fight the fear. At the same time, Dr Ho who was contrated the disease came and said he felt much better now. Young Rae said to Jinhyuk she will help him. Jinhyuk asked if Youngrae had confidence. Young rae nodded her head. Kyung Tak find Young rae is helping Jinhyuk. He asked Youngrae to come back. But Youngrae refused and asked Kyung tak to go back. Kyung Tak suddenly take out his sword and put it in Jinhyuk's neck............ THE END Next episode preview: Ha eung's son sondition is getting worser. Young hwi sent the village some help anynomous. Jinhyuk was getting relieved when he statred vomitting. Did he also got the disease?
I noticed that too lol but this time it's not a goof haha
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song seung heon The first man who uses a watch in Joseon era.. like it ^^
@v3sia in modern world, gwejil is cholera, FYI ^^
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