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Monster Blade is an action-RPG game that very much resembles Monster Hunter. The game begins with an unbeatable encounter against an evil dragon final boss. The player’s goal is to then travel around the world, defeating lesser monsters and improving their gear for the inevitable rematch. By their side is a cute, little creature named Ocha with plenty of great advice on what pelts to use and how to buff axes. But while the Monster Hunter influence is apparent, in practice, the game’s RPG elements are far more standard. The combat system is similar to Infinity Blade. Players swipe to swing their weapons and defend themselves by blocking or rolling. Special attacks charge up over time and players can even bring in allies, like healers, into battle for occasional bonuses. The speedy slashing and evading feels as good as ever but the system is much more tolerant of random swiping than Infinity Blade’s deeper, more thoughtful approach. The art style of the fantasy world and variety of monster designs definitely have a more Japanese influence. Monster Blade is a good game that reaches the limits of its own ambition. It bites off more than it can chew, but still tastes pretty good. You can download this game in the following links: Monster Blade (iPhone) http://is.gd/Nq6gaY Monster Blade (Android) http://is.gd/iGv3SE
The game is free. It has the option to buy extra items in-game, but you can play without paying :)
yeah this looks really cool, how much is it?
this game looks awesome! need to try it soon!