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I normally wait till the anime is fully completed so I can binge watch it some anime are an exception but others it's not lol
@BlackoutZJ haha I did with everyone of those besides nisekoi I don't think I've finished that or maybe I have idk lol. But I am an addict so I do it with every anime I watch unless it's ongoing but I go back and binge anime all the time for a 2nd 3rd and many more times!! Never gets old to me haha I guess my memory is so bad might be why too haha
i did this for days with fairy tail to catch up when i started it. i have also done it with bleach, one piece, sao, and every other anime. i finish the short series normally one or two day. i watch it while cook, do homework, clean.
I LOVE THAT LITTLE FACE WITH THE HAT!! ITS SO CUTE ITS STUPID!! ...and yes I have binge watched 24 episode anime in one day......
I've watched a whole anime season in a day馃槀馃槀