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Shooting self portraits that are not simply a selfie with you clearly holding the camera has always been a challenge to me. Besides the typical portrait variables such as lighting, location, and supporting props... what is it you want others to see and know about you?
Obviously music is a big part of my life. In the 10 years between the two "professional" self portraits above I can say that I've gone from playing music to both playing and building guitars. In the most recent photo I am at my work bench with the 1983 Kramer 5150 guitar I'm restoring... surrounded by the tools I use to build/restore guitars. I'm the same weight and height... but man... my hair is a lot more silver than it was 10 years ago. Self portraits - like any portrait - should tell the story of who you are. A good self portrait paints the picture of what you are doing during that period of your life. As for my work as a Luthier - it's a passion. Photography and cinematography are still my vocation. But in a perfect world I'd be happy and willing to reverse those roles.
Above - 10 years ago with two ARRI motion picture cameras.
Above - Last month during the Amgen Tour of California Stage 3 in Santa Barbara. Until the time the world becomes perfect for me I'll continue to be a director of photography and build/restore guitars as a hobby.