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Lay main info: Name: Zhang Yi Xing / 장이싱 Stage name: Lay / 레이 Nicknames: NA Position: Main dancer, vocalist Birthday: October 7, 1991 Height: 179 cm (5'10) Weight: NA Nationality: Chinese Power: Healing Hobbies: Guitar, dancing, piano Instagram: @zyxzjs Unit: EXO-M Fun Facts: •He was scouted in Wuhan, China in 2008 •In 2005 he won 3rd place on Star Academy (The Chinese version of American Idol) •He can play piano and the guitar. •His ideal girl is someone who is cute and filial. •He is very forgetful. •Likes to eat junk food •He was supposed to be EXO-M’s leader, but it was later changed to Kris. •He filled in for Jonghyun during SHINee’s concert in 2010. •In their Korean dorm he shares a room with Chen, but in China he shared a room with LuHan. •When there is nothing to do he will cook. •He is the one that cooks for the members of EXO-M. •When he’s on stage and hears the music, he gets excited and focuses on the dance and music.
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