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The fans were screaming for them to appear. Chanting their name over and over. The five that were waiting for their cue, were getting more and more excited with each chant. The energy coming from the crowd was astounding, it made even her heart pump.

Every show was like this, this was their last show for a few months. After this, she's moving on to her next assignment. The company was sending her to Japan to help with one of their companies there.

When she was selected to do this job, she couldn't think of the possibilities that would come from having this on her resume. She didn't stop to think she would fall for someone, much less for someone so much younger than herself. She hardly knew who they were, but enjoyed their music, so this was sort of a dream job for her. Coming here and getting stuck was more of a blessing than anything. Nothing but good things have happened. All of it, like a path leading to this moment. For the first time, she was happy.

Her little dark god looked back at her as they head up on stage. The crowd seemed to scream even harder as the music started and they all joined in the center to do their dance routine. It would be at least 20 minutes before they came off stage for their first change. She held the spray bottle in her hand, she wasn't supposed to be on this side of the stage. She watched Him come up from the otherside with his game face on. So handsome. She grabbed a make-up assistant's hand, stuffed the bottle into it, and told him what it was for, the assistant nodded. She squeezed past everyone crowded around and headed to where she was supposed to be.
As he and his hyungs danced their way through the first part. He kept looking back toward the side. Before, as he was coming up on stage, he could have sworn he seen her staring at him, watching only him. It seized his heart. Could it be what he hoped for, he wondered. He was trying to stay focused on the show, on his movements. As soon as they were done with introductions, they headed off stage. He quickly walked to the side he was expecting to find her on. As he came down the stairs, he eyed all the assistants, the hairstylists but she was no where to be found. Without realizing it, he had stopped midway down the steps. The eldest jabbed him in the back.

"What's the matter with you? Are you okay?" the eldest asked, pushing past him and grabbing his arm at the same time, "hurry, you're in the way"

They threw their jackets off. Assistants quickly dabbed their faces dry of their sweat, fixing their hair, make-up, checking their outfits for tears, brushing off the dust from their knees.

He stood there, letting them do their job. He shook his head, looking around, searching every face he could see. His eyes fiercely darting in all directions. Where could she have gone, he asked himself. He searched for his hyung, the one who seemed to be keeping her close earlier. His heart slowed down, he sighed a little with a bit of relief when he seen him standing with an assistant who was spraying his neck and fanning it with their hand. This wasn't the first time she disappeared during the show. He didn't say anything about it, not wanting to get her in trouble especially since no one noticed her absence.

Where has she gone...

As they walked up the steps, he came to a stop. Took a deep breath and leaned his head back. It was then he seen it, the figure of someone standing in the rafters, leaning over the edge, looking down at the stage. Could it be, he thought. A strong hand grabbed his arm and tugged him along, back into the bright lights and screaming fans.
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this is awesome!
This is awesome!!!!!! I can't wait for the next chapter!!!
You draw me in....love this! It's so intense, like a feeling of urgency comes from your characters.😊 Can't wait for the next update!