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I have Decided on Wednesdays will be Pokemon Memes day for you guys! Because lets face it They're a LOT of funny memes out there of Pokemon. So here are some memes i found of Pokemon
Next week will be Pokemon Meme of the day! How this will work is You can either comment in the comments box below of a meme along with a like of an Image you want to use of that meme OR you can pm me on Vingle of the meme and the image . The one that is the most creative and/or funny will get picked
Also what I want to do is to start making some funny Pokemon Memes or related Pokemon Memes. So I had planned on doing this one from when i did Voltorb and I finally got around to doing it .
Thank you so much for reading. See you guys tomorrow!
For a who's that pokemon one of these times you should do jiggly puff from the top
nooo @KurosakiJess don't you die on me soldier here take a med kit and patch your self up
I'm dying 😂😂
I love these 😂😂
or pikaman
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