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So again this should come to know surprise but yeah Kirito and Asuna are my favorite anime couple of all time. The reason is because their relationship actually grows and is not forced unlike some anime I have watched where literally at the end of the first episode, boom these people are in a relationship! That's what I love about Kirito and Asuna. Their relationship grows from two strangers who annoy each other at first and then blossoms into a partnership, where they sacrifice each other's lives for each other in this crazy death game they are stuck in. And not mention they are so adorable together :)
Honorable Mention: I do have one for this and that is Yato and Hiyori....if they could just end up together that would be great. These two have had such great chemistry from the start. And again, it's a relationship that's grows from an unlikely friendship (God and human) to a stronger friendship with romantic hints all over the dam place. And their fates have been tied to each other's....just sayin...I love these two just as much as I love Kirito and Asuna
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Mine is Natsu and Lucy from Fairy Tail
@KeyDragonSlayer they're close to cracking my OTP list! So far it's just GaLe, Yatori, and Seras x Pip from Hellsing Ultimate (idk they're ship name). Only the ships that in super passionate about earn the title of OTP in my book!
@KenDragonSlayer they are a great couple too but I'm not super far into Fairy Tail so still need to watch more of them but I do enjoy all the fan art of nastu x Lucy! So cute
rikka and touta is also a cute couple
oh and rias and issei from highschool dxd