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If you are unable to attend the concert but want a hat, let me know!! I'll be doing orders.
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@jiggzy19 I kind of wish I'd bought the red one of these while we were there now... They are so freakin cool :)
@MattK95 haha you should have!! I totally love mine! *\(^o^)/*
@MattK95 Seriously, Matt??? You passed up Illionaire swag??? 😕😕😕 I'm thoroughly disappointed in you, homie....
@PassTheSuga Kirsten bought the Illionaire hat, I was going to as well, but the old lady who sold them to us was so sweet, I was having trouble deciding between a few different hats, so she picked one out for me... I liked it so much I couldn't not get it... Next time I go to Hongdae I will be picking up both the Illionaire and AOMG hats though (would have already bought both but we were there for three weeks and I was trying to budget so I had money to spend throughout the whole trip, not just the first five days XD)
@jiggzy19 don't make me regret it even more... Besides I'm borrowing it the next time I go out XD