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Yay I'm finally actually making a WW card! Every week I miss it so I'm glad this will be my first week. matsuoka yoshitsugu is my husbando of the week. He not only voices some of my most beloved anime characters but he, himself is super adorable. I have recently watched a few of his interviews and it just amazes me how passionate this guy is about his job! One of the interviews was about SAO and when talking about his role playing Kirito, he grew very serious and with passion said that is was such an honor but at the same time, disrespect to voice Kirito and to attempt to bring such a character to life. He also has a funny silly side and when he voice Kanda Sorata in The Pet Girl is Sakurasou he actually made up some of the lines and made some of the craziest noises the director had ever heard. Favorite Roles: Kirito - SAO Kanda Sorata - The Pet Girl of Sakurasou Sora - No Game No Life Bell Cranel - Danmachi Soma - Food Wars @hikaymm
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He was also Lubbock in Akame Ga Kill and Arata Kasuga from Trinity Seven 😆