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Hi!! So today, I decided to go on Pandora and put on some BTS. Well, I played it and songs came on as usual. Not a few songs after, Shinee's Lovesick came on. I changed it.
Now, I don't hate Shinee, I love them so much and Im also a Shawol. Not only that, but they were my FIRST kpop group I listened to. So why did I change it? Feels. Yup, that's right, I changed it because of my feels. The song brought me back to when I went to the Chicago Fanmeet, my FIRST concert thing ever. It was so beautiful, and I was so overwhelmed. I went by myself too. Seeing them live (they aren't robots!!) and listening to their music changed everything for me. I can't listen to them because it brings back memories of when I went and I suddenly become sad since I can't see them again
Does this happen to anyone else? Do you get over it? Am I by myself?
Plus they keep on coming, yet they are too far to see. I even voted for them to come to Kcon. However, I let the only chance I had slip between my fingers because of my overflowing I understand having a hard time being able to listen to them. Except in a different manner.
I couldn't even see them. And I could have gotten really far tickets, but I was so upset that I couldn't get the tickets I tried to get, I hesitated. And now that hesitation will forever be my biggest scar and regret.
im the same when it comes to Big Bang. Although Ive finally gotten to the point that I can losten to there songs, I can only fangirl for a short amount of time b4 my feels become uncontrollable